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Boulder statement necklace

Assemble a landslide of gradated colors plus a suede cord for an earthy necklace
Given their sedimentary lifestyle and rocky start, who could have predicted that Stone-agers Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble would one day become fashion icons? Rendered rocks, suspended from suede and accented with silver, are an easy transition into the big-bead trend. Make Wilma and Betty proud. Make a boulder statement.


  • 9-piece strand plastic nuggets
  • 10 10mm silver accent beads
  • 4 5mm spacers
  • 20 2mm square spacers
  • 2 crimp beads
  • flexible beading wire, .018 or .019
  • 14–24 in. (36–61cm) suede cord, 3mm width
  • 4 connectors
  • 2 4mm crimp ends with loops
  • hook-and-eye clasp with 2 5mm jump rings
  • 2 pairs of chainnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • crimping pliers (optional)
If you prefer the look of a round (rather than flat) cord, try waxed leather cord.
1. Cut a 14-in. (36cm) piece of beading wire. String an alternating pattern of three dark-colored nuggets and accent beads. String an accent bead on each end. Center the beads on the wire.
2. On each end, string: medium-colored nugget, accent bead, medium-colored nugget, accent bead, light-colored nugget.
3. On each end, string: accent bead, 5mm spacer, crimp bead, 5mm spacer, ten 2mm square spacers. Go back through the 5mm spacer, the crimp bead, the 5mm spacer, and the accent bead. Tighten the wires. Crimp the crimp beads and trim the excess wire.
4. Determine the finished length of each of the suede parts of your necklace. (Each of the suede parts of mine is 6 in./15cm.) Double that measurement and cut two pieces of suede cord to that length. Center each beaded loop on each of the cords. Fold each cord in half.
5. On each side, attach a connector to the doubled cord approximately 1⁄2 in. (1.3cm) from the fold. Using chainnose pliers, crimp the connector.
Check the length, allowing 2 in. (5cm) for finishing. Trim an equal amount from each end, if necessary.
6a. Attach a connector approximately 3⁄4 in. (1.9cm) from the ends of the cord.

6b. String one pair of cords through a 4mm crimp end. Using chainnose pliers, flatten the center (crimp portion) of the crimp end. Repeat on the other side.
7. Open a jump ring and attach the loop to half of the hook-and-eye clasp. Close the jump ring. Repeat on the other side.

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