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View from the top necklace

An agate pendant brings a natural wonder to life
Have you ever stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon? The rusty, free-form veining of this agate pendant reminded me of the canyon’s vast beauty, and inspired me to pair it with handmade ceramic beads and loosely wrapped loops to enhance its natural feel. The unexpected use of the large toggle bar end anchors the pendant and mimics the horizon line above the canyon.


necklace 24 in. (61 cm) 

  • 35–50 mm gemstone pendant with loop
  • 2 20 mm ceramic donut beads
  • 4 14 mm square beads
  • bar half of a large toggle clasp
  • 70 in. (1.8 cm) 22-gauge wire
  • 10–14 in. (25–36 cm) cable chain, 9 mm links
  • 9 7 mm round jump rings
  • lobster claw clasp
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters


1. Open a jump ring and attach the loop of a pendant and the bar half of a toggle clasp. Cut two 9-in. (23 cm) pieces of 22-gauge wire. Wrap one wire clockwise and one counterclockwise 12 to 14 times around the toggle bar on either side of its loop. Cross the wires over the center of the bar.
2. Bend one wire horizontally and one wire vertically into a right angle. Loosely wrap the horizontal wire around the vertical wire several times. Trim the excess wrapping wire and use chainnose pliers to tuck the end.
3. To make a pendant unit: String a square bead and make a wrapped loop. Attach a jump ring to the loop.
4. To make square connectors: Cut four 4-in. (10 cm) pieces of wire. On each wire, make a plain loop and string a square bead. On two wires, make a wrapped loop. On the remaining wires, make the first half of a wrapped loop.
5. To make a donut connector: Cut a 9-in. (23 cm) piece of wire. Center a donut bead on the wire and cross the ends around the bead. Follow step 2.
6a. Make a wrapped loop and wrap the excess wire loosely around the previous wraps. 6b. Repeat steps 5 and 6a on the opposite side of the bead. Make two donut connectors.
7. Use jump rings to attach the pendant unit to the plain loops of two completed square connectors.
8. On each side, use jump rings to attach the square connector, a donut connector, and the plain loop of a square connector.
9. Cut two 5–7-in. (13–18 cm) pieces of chain. On each side, attach an end link to the loop of a square connector and complete the wraps. On one side, use a jump ring to attach an end link and a lobster claw clasp.


Lighten up

Because the pendant has some weight to it, finishing the necklace with chain helps keep the focus on the front and the piece from becoming too heavy.

Click here to see the finished necklace.

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