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One good turn Dutch spiral necklace

Stitch up this necklace using seed beads in a variety of sizes and shapes

I love the serpentine look and feel of tubular peyote and really get a kick out of experimenting with its many variations. By enhancing it with the simple increases and decreases of the Dutch spiral stitch, an undulating wave of color completely transforms a sleek peyote tube into an entirely different animal!


necklace 19 in. (48cm) 

  • seed beads
    • 36g size 11/0, color A
    • 40g size 5/0 triangles, color B
    • 24g size 6/0 or 16g size 8/0 hex-cuts or triangles, in 2 colors: C, D
    • 16g size 8/0, color E
    • 16g size 8/0 or 8g size 11/0, color F
    • 8g size 11/0 rounds, hex-cuts, or triangles in 4 colors: G, H, I, J
  • 40g drop beads (optional)
  • 15mm metal snap
  • Fireline 8 or 10 lb. test or Nymo B conditioned with beeswax
  • beading needles, #12

A burst of color fans out from a peyote tube with the help of the Dutch spiral stitch. The hidden snap closure gives the impression that you’re wearing one artfully infinite curl.


One good turn Dutch spiral necklace Figure 1
One good turn Dutch spiral necklace Figure 2

1. On a comfortable length of conditioned Nymo (use it doubled) or Fireline, pick up 20 seed beads in the following color sequence: an A, a B, two Cs, two Ds, two Es, four Fs, two Gs, two Hs, two Is, and two Js. Leaving a 6-in. (15cm) tail, tie the beads into a ring with a square knot. Sew through the first two beads again (FIGURE 1, a–b).

2. Work round 3 in tubular peyote as follows: Pick up a B, skip the first C, and sew through the second C. Pick up a C, skip the first D, and sew through the second D (b–c). Continue the pattern around the ring, adding an E, two Fs, a G, an H, and an I (c–d). To step up, pick up a J and an A, and sew through the B added on this round (d–e).

3. Rounds 4–40: Repeat step 2 (FIGURE 2, a–b).

4. Continue working the pattern in tubular peyote as in rounds 1–40, but increase the number of As you pick up at the step-up of each round as follows:

Rounds 41–80: 2As
Rounds 81–100: 3As
Rounds 101–105: 4As
Rounds 106–110: 5As
Rounds 111–112: 6As
Rounds 113–114: 7As
Rounds 115–116: 8As
Rounds 117–118: 9As
Rounds 119–120: 10As
Rounds 121–122: 11As
Rounds 123–124: 12As
Rounds 125–126: 13As
Rounds 127–128: 14As
Rounds 129–247: 15As

One good turn Dutch spiral necklace Photo A
One good turn Dutch spiral necklace Photo B
One good turn Dutch spiral necklace Photo C

5. Rounds 129–247 form the center of the necklace. The finished necklace length is 19–19 1⁄2 in. (48–49.5cm). To increase the length of your necklace, continue adding rounds of 15 As until you have added the desired length.

6. Decrease the number of As picked up for the following rounds so the second half of the necklace is the mirror image of the first.

Rounds 248–249: 14As
Rounds 250–251: 13As
Rounds 252–253: 12As
Rounds 254–255: 11As
Rounds 256–257: 10As
Rounds 258–259: 9As
Rounds 260–261: 8As
Rounds 262–263: 7As
Rounds 264–265: 6As
Rounds 266–270: 5As
Rounds 271–275: 4As
Rounds 276–315: 3As
Rounds 316–355: 2As
Rounds 356–395: 1A

7. Sew a snap half to the first and last rounds of the spiral (PHOTO A).

Make sure the snap halves are securely attached, and then hide the edges of the snap with a round of peyote, using one of the larger beads from the pattern (PHOTOS B and C).

Secure the threads in the beadwork, and trim.

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