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Golden citrine necklace and earrings

Juice up the flavor of this golden necklace and earrings with a splash of lemon

The French named this tasty gem after citron, their word for “lemon.” Known for its yellow color, much citrine is actually heat-treated amethyst. Natural citrine tends to be paler than the treated stones. In these pieces, textured gold tubes and spacers reflect the facets of graduated citrine briolettes. For long, graceful earrings, select cones with a small opening that just covers the top of each bead. Cones without rims look best. 



  • 9–11 20–30mm graduated citrine briolettes (Oriental Gemco,
  • 24–32 12mm gold tube beads (Eclectica)
  • 36–46 3mm faceted spacers
  • flexible beading wire, .014 or .015
  • 2 crimp beads
  • toggle clasp
  • chainnose or crimping pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters


  • 2 25–30mm graduated citrine briolettes (Oriental Gemco)
  • 2 2mm round beads
  • 2 2mm spacers
  • 8 in. (20cm) 26-gauge half-hard wire
  • 2 cones (to fit over the top of the briolettes)
  • pair of earring wires
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters


Golden citrine necklace_1
1. Cut a piece of beading wire. (My necklace is 16 in./41cm.) Center a spacer, the largest briolette, and a spacer on the wire.
Golden citrine necklace_2
2. On each end, string a tube bead, a spacer, a briolette, and a spacer. Repeat three or four times with successively smaller briolettes.
Golden citrine necklace_3
3. On each end, string a tube and a spacer. Repeat until the necklace is within 1 in. (2.5cm) of the finished length, ending with a tube. 
Golden citrine necklace_4
4. On each end, string a spacer, a crimp bead, a spacer, and half of the clasp. Check the fit, and add or remove beads from each end. Go back through the beads just strung and tighten the wire. Crimp the crimp bead and trim the excess wire.
Golden citrine earrings_1
1. Cut a 4-in. (10cm) piece of 26-gauge wire. String a briolette and make a set of wraps
Golden citrine earrings_2
2. String a cone, a spacer, and a 2mm round bead. Make a wrapped loop.
Golden citrine earrings_3
3. Open the loop of an earring wire. Attach the dangle and close the loop. Make a second earring to match the first.
Earrings full
Use cubic zirconia briolettes instead of citrine. CZs are available from Lima Beads, You can also use gold-plated curved tube beads (Fire Mountain Gems, instead of vermeil tubes, and skip the spacers.
Budget option
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