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Lacy waves

WireLace gives hoops a flourish when you pair it with cosmic and top-drilled crystals.
Lacy waves_easy earrings


  • 2 12 mm cosmic crystals
  • 8 6 mm bicone crystals, top drilled
  • flexible beading wire,.010
  • 1 yd. (.9 m) 6 mm WireLace
  • pair of 1 1⁄4-in. (3.2 cm) hinged hoop earrings with seven loops
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • scissors
  • G-S Hypo Cement

Hoop earrings from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads,, or Nile Corp.,


Lacy waves_step 1
1. Cut a 6-in. (15 cm) piece of beading wire. Fold it in half to use as a needle. Cut an 18-in. (46 cm) piece of WireLace. Thread the lace through the needle, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Over the needle, string a 12 mm crystal, leaving a 1⁄2-in. (1.3 cm) lace loop. Remove the needle.
Lacy waves_step 2
2. Slide the lace loop over a hoop earring and push the crystal against the hoop. Make an overhand knot next to the crystal, using the long lace strand. Pull apart a section of lace to make a wave. String both ends through the first loop on the hoop.
Lacy waves_step 3
3. Pull apart a 1⁄4-in. (6 mm) section of the long lace strand. String two bicone crystals. Pull apart another section of lace.
Lacy waves_step4

4. a. String the long strand through the second loop.    

b. Pull apart a section of lace and string the lace through the next loop.

Lacy waves_step 5
5. Repeat step 4b until you’ve strung six loops. Repeat step 3 and tie an overhand knot through the last loop. Trim the excess lace.
Lacy waves_step 6
6. Pull apart a section of the short lace strand.
Lacy waves_step 7
7. Wrap the short lace strand around the hoop and tie an overhand knot near the crystal. Apply glue to each overhand knot. Make a second earring to match the first.
Lacy waves_design option
More bicones, different colors! Consider mixing up your color palette with some brightly colored crystals.
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