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Sapphire crystal earrings

Makes a great gift for a September birthday!

Sapphire crystals punctuate asymmetrically-draped chain in these dramatic earrings. To brilliantly accent fall’s palette of grays and military blues, use both light and dark crystals. Or, make a pair in gold for an exotic look.

Love the look? There's a matching bracelet on the PDF!  


  • pair of hoop earrings with loops
  • 4–6 5mm or 6mm bicone crystals
  • 4–6 3mm bicone crystals
  • 8–10 4mm cube crystals
  • 14–16 in. (36–41cm) cable chain, 3–4mm links
  • 9–11 in. (23–28cm) figaro chain, 3–4mm links
  • 16–22 1-in. (2.5cm) head pins
  • 16–20 3–4mm inside diameter jump rings
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters


Drape chain as desired for two different earrings, or follow these instructions for an easy way to make a matching pair. 


Sapphire crystal bracelet and earrings 01
1. On a head pin, string a crystal. Make a plain loop. Make 15 to 20 crystal units.
Sapphire crystal earrings 01
2. Cut a 4–5-in. (10–13cm) piece of figaro chain. Open a jump ring and attach an end link of chain and a hoop earring’s loop. Close the jump ring. Use a jump ring to attach the other end link.
Sapphire crystal earrings 02
3. Use a jump ring to attach the chain to the earring, draping the chain as desired. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the second hoop earring.
Sapphire crystal earrings 03
4. Cut a 7–8-in. (18–20cm) piece of cable chain. Use jump rings to attach the chain to one of the earrings as desired. Repeat with the second hoop earring.
Sapphire crystal earrings 04
5. Open the loop of a crystal unit. Attach it to a chain link or to a loop of the earring. Close the loop. Attach the remaining crystal units to each earring as desired.
Sapphire crystal bracelet 05
Use the same technique to make a matching bracelet! Instructions are on the PDF. 
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