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Flash of fringe

A flourish of fringe and a focal bead highlight a double-strand necklace

What’s better than escaping winter for the Florida sun? For me, it’s taking that vacation with a suitcase of my favorite beads. I love the total relaxation of sipping coffee on the lanai, enjoying the warm breeze, and planning jewelry projects with my beads sparkling in the morning sunlight.

This two-strand fringe necklace took shape as I selected beads to complement a large focal bead. Make yours to suit your taste in length, colors, and number of strands.


  • 1 focal bead, approximately 25 x 14mm
  • 10g size 11/0 seed beads
  • 7-10 4-12mm furnace beads
  • 15-20 3mm bicone crystals
  • 50-60 accent beads, assorted shapes, sizes, and colors
  • 4 crimp beads
  • 16-26 4-5mm spacer beads
  • flexible beading wire, .014 or .015
  • chainnose or crimping pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters


Flash of fringe a
Step 1
Cut two 36-in. (91cm) strands of beading wire. Working forward from the back of the neckace, center three accent beads on both strands.
Flash of fringe b
Step 2
Working on one side of the center beads, separate the strands and string a mix of seed beads and accent beads on each strand. After stringing 1 1⁄2-2 in. (4-5cm) of beads, string an accent bead over both strands. Repeat on the other side of the center beads.
Flash of fringe c
Step 3
Continue stringing seed beads and accent beads as in step 2. Work to within 6 in. (15cm) of the end of the wires.
Flash of fringe d
Step 4
Place the wire ends side-by-side. String one accent bead on each pair of wires. Separate the strands and string five to six seed beads on each. String another accent bead and the seed beads as before. String a seed bead and bicone crystal on each pair.
Flash of fringe e
Step 5
String five or six more seed beads on each strand. String a spacer over all four wires.
Flash of fringe f
Step 6
String a furnace bead, a spacer, an accent bead, the focal bead, and a spacer over all four wires.
Flash of fringe g
Step 7
To make the fringe, string each wire with seed beads, accent beads, and spacers. When you are about 2 in. (5cm) from the wire’s end, string a crimp bead, one or two seed beads, a small accent bead, and a seed bead.
Flash of fringe h
Step 8
Go back through the accent bead, seed beads, crimp bead, and at least one bead past the crimp. Tighten the wire, but keep the fringe flexible. Crimp the crimp bead and trim the excess wire. Repeat to finish the remaining strands.
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