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Festive wire Christmas trees

Coiled wire and beads form colorful trees

As the holidays approach, the days grow shorter and my list of things to do grows longer. I can manage the shopping, cooking, and a couple of parties, but where do you find the time for decorating? Here’s an ornament that not only works up quickly, but adds a little whimsy to your home.


  • 50-60g seed beads, size 6/0
  • craft wire, 18-gauge
  • 9-in. (23cm) wooden pestle   (800-663-8810,
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters


Festive wire Christmas trees a
1. Hold the wire at the pestle’s narrow end and wind it around the pestle directly from the spool seven or eight times.
Festive wire Christmas trees b
2. Release the wire from the narrow end.
Festive wire Christmas trees d
3. Bend the wire 1 in. (2.5cm) from the top and make a loop.
Festive wire Christmas trees e
4. String the wire coils with beads.
Festive wire Christmas trees f
5. Stop approximately 1 1⁄2 in. (4cm) from the end of the wire.
Festive wire Christmas trees g
6. Using roundnose pliers, turn a loop toward the inside of the coils until it touches the last bead strung. Use your fingers to adjust the ornament’s shape, if necessary.
Festive wire Christmas hanger a
1. Cut a 5-in. (13cm) length of wire. Use roundnose pliers to turn a spiral loop as shown.
Festive wire Christmas hanger b
2. Bend the wire at an angle with chainnose pliers.
Festive wire Christmas hanger c
3. String four seed beads and bend the wire at an angle above the top bead.
Festive wire Christmas hanger d
4. Bend the wire around the base of the roundnose pliers to form a large hook. Trim the wire even with the top bead.

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