Angel necklace


  • 15mm Murano glass triangle, white
  • 5 x 15mm center-drilled wings
  • 6mm Murano glass round or 5mm pearl, white
  • 6mm square spacer or rondelle
  • 6mm flat spacer
  • 2-in. head pin
  • 2 crimp ends
  • 2 ft. (61cm) ribbon
  • lobster claw clasp and 2 split rings
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • scissors
  • G-S Hypo Cement
  • split ring pliers (optional)


Angel necklace 1
Step 1
1. String a 6mm square spacer or rondelle, a triangle, wings, a round, and a flat spacer on a head pin.
Angel necklace 2
Step 2
2. Above the top bead, make a wrapped loop large enough to accommodate the ribbon. 
Angel necklace 3
Step 3
3. Determine the finished length of your necklace. (Mine is 16 in./41cm.) Add 1 in. and cut a piece of ribbon to that length. Thread the ribbon through the loop and center the pendant. 
Angel necklace 4
Step 4
4. Knot one end of the ribbon and place it in the crimp end. Glue the knot. Fold down the sides of the crimp end. Repeat on the other end. Trim the excess ribbon. 
Angel necklace 5
Step 5
5. Attach a split ring to one crimp end and attach a lobster claw clasp to the split ring. Repeat on the other end with just a split ring.
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