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Color kaleidoscope bracelet

Seed beads spiral into a trendy memory wire bracelet

Round and round and round you go — stagger the hues for a color-blocked flow! Make this memory wire bracelet in either warm or cool tones as shown here, or mix them to liven up any summer outfit. Varying the sizes, shapes, and finishes of the seed beads delivers the most striking results.



  • 50 4 mm round glass beads, color F
  • 4 grams 4 mm peanut beads, color G
  • 4 g 6/0 seed beads, color B
  • 4 g 8/0 seed beads, color A
  • 2 g 8/0 seed beads, color D
  • 2 g 8/0 seed beads, color H
  • 2 g 8/0 seed beads, color I
  • 1.5 g 11/0 seed beads, color C
  • 1.5 g 11/0 metallic seed beads, color E
  • 1.5 g 11/0 seed beads, color J
  • memory wire, 21⁄4–21⁄2–in. (5.7–6.4 cm) diameter
  • roundnose pliers
  • heavy-duty wire cutters

Supplies from Fusion Beads, 888.781.3559, Check your local bead store for supplies.


color kaleidoscope bracelet 1
Step 1
color kaleidoscope bracelet 2
Step 2

1. bracelet • Use heavy-duty wire cutters to cut a piece of memory wire 12 to 14 coils long. Use roundnose pliers to make a loop on one end.

2. String half of a coil of color A seed beads. String about half a coil of colors B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J, varying the lengths slightly to stagger the colors around the bracelet.

color kaleidoscope bracelet 3
Step 3
3. Repeat the pattern from step 2, then string half a coil of color A. Make a loop and trim the excess wire.
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