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Boho necklaces

Mix stone, crystal, brass and leather for effortless chic
Boho necklaces

My design process starts with a central focal piece — in the case of the leather necklace, a large marquise fancy stone. Then, a rough sketch. Color plays a huge role in the process of deciding what I include to reach a perfect balance. Through meticulous selection of stone, crystal, and brass, each of these pieces achieves an unplanned, eclectic look.

Read instructions for both necklaces below, or download the free project PDF above.

What you’ll need

Leather necklace 21 in. (53 cm) (pictured)

  • 30 mm bezel-set crystal fancy stone, marquise-shaped
  • 18 mm nugget bead
  • 18 mm round metal bead
  • 2–3 15–30 mm top-drilled beads
  • 8–12 6–12 mm assorted round and rondelle beads
  • 15–20 mm ring
  • flexible beading wire, .018 or .019
  • 32–36 in. (81–91 cm) 2 mm leather cord
  • 8 in. (20 cm) 22-gauge wire
  • 2 6–7 mm jump rings
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 2 pinch ends
  • lobster claw clasp
  • 2 pairs of pliers, including chainnose
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • crimping pliers (optional)
Boho necklaces chain

Chain necklace 27 in. (69 cm) 

  • 2 20–35 mm top-drilled beads
  • 12–15 mm nugget
  • 3 10 mm large-hole beads
  • 2 3 mm round or rondelle beads
  • 6–8 in. (15–20 cm) 24-gauge wire
  • 3 in. (7.6 cm) 26-gauge wire
  • 27–30 in. (69–76 cm) chain, 2–3 mm links
  • 2-in. (5 cm) head pin
  • 3–6 10 mm links of chain or oval jump rings
  • 6 mm jump ring
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters

Supplies from Eclectica, 262.641.0910,

Leather necklace – Instructions
Boho necklaces leather 1
Step 1
Boho necklaces leather 2
Step 2

1. Cut a 16–18-in. (41–46 cm) piece of leather cord and a 4-in. (10 cm) piece of wire. Fold the cord in half, and wrap the wire around the fold to form a small loop. Trim and tuck the excess wire. Make a second folded cord.

2. Cut a 10–12-in. (25–30 cm) piece of beading wire. String 4 1⁄2–5 in. (11.4–13 cm) of assorted beads and findings as desired.



There are a few tricks to selecting materials for the leather necklace. First, use a stiffer beading wire to help the strung portion hold a more rigid shape. To finish, select large-hole beads to conceal the crimp beads. If you don’t have large hole beads, close a crimp cover over each crimp.

Boho necklaces leather 3
Step 3
Boho necklaces leather 4
Step 4

3. On each end, string a crimp bead and the loop of a cord. Go back through the last few beads strung and tighten the wire. Crimp the crimp bead and trim the excess wire.

4. Check the fit, allowing 1 in. (2.5 cm) for finishing. Trim the cord if necessary. On each side, use chainnose pliers to close a pinch end over both cord ends.


Boho necklaces leather 5
Step 5

5. Open a jump ring. Attach the loop of a pinch end and a lobster claw clasp. Close the jump ring. Repeat on the other end, omitting the clasp.

Chain necklace – Instructions
Boho necklaces chain 1
Step 1
Boho necklaces chain 2
Step 2

1. To make bead dangles: Cut a 3–4-in. (7.6–10 cm) piece of 24-gauge wire. String a top-drilled bead and make a set of wraps above it. Make a wrapped loop. Make two top-drilled units.

2. On a head pin, string a nugget and make a wrapped loop.

Boho necklaces chain 3
Step 3
Boho necklaces chain 4
Step 4

3. Open a 10 mm link of chain or an oval jump ring. Attach a bead unit and close the link. Attach one or two links to each bead unit.

4. Use a link to attach a large-hole bead and a 6 mm jump ring.

Boho necklaces chain 5
Step 5
Boho necklaces chain 6
Step 6

5. Cut a 27–30-in. (69–76 cm) piece of chain. Center the bead dangles on the chain. On each end, string a large-hole bead.

6. Cut a 3-in. (7.6 cm) piece of 26-gauge wire. On one end, make the first half of a wrapped loop. String two 3 mm beads and make the first half of a wrapped loop. Attach the end links of chain and complete the wraps.

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