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Clasp and connect bracelet

Slide clasps allow you to mix chain, pearls and crystal

Cover all the bases with a bracelet that takes you from jeans to party dresses. Slide clasps on each section allow you to mix the edginess of chain, the softness of pearls, and the sparkle of crystal to match your outfit of the moment. Simply connect two sections and go!

Scroll through the gallery below for step-by-step instructions, or download the free project PDF here.


Bracelet 7–7 1⁄2 in. (18–19.1 cm)

  • 5–10 16-in. (41 cm) strands 3–6 mm assorted pearls
  • 5–10 16-in. (41 cm) strands 3–10 mm assorted crystal and glass beads
  • flexible beading wire,.014 or.015
  • 36–40 in. (.9–1 m) chain, 2–12 mm links
  • 10 5 mm jump rings
  • 20 crimp tubes
  • 20 crimp covers
  • 3 five-strand slide clasps
  • 2 pairs of pliers, includingchainnose
  • crimping pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • bead stoppers

 Chain from Chelsea’s Beads, 847.433.3451,


If you string mostly large beads or pearls, string only five to eight strands (instead of 10) per section to keep the bracelet from being too bulky. You may need to add more length to the strands to accommodate the curve of your wrist.

Clasp and connect bracelet 1
Step 1
Clasp and connect bracelet 2
Step 2

1. For the chain section: Cut 10 3 1⁄4–3 1⁄2-in. (8.3–8.9 cm) pieces of assorted chain. Open a slide clasp and position each half facing the same direction as shown. Open four jump rings. Attach an end link of the largest-link chain to the top and bottom loops of each clasp half.

2. Use jump rings to attach the remaining pieces of chain to the loops of the clasp as desired, attaching two chains per loop.

Except for the chains in step 1, you can attach the chains to different loops on each side of the clasp if desired (e.g., attach the second loop on the left to the third loop on the right). If chains cross over each other, make sure there is enough play for the section to curve around your wrist. The pearl and bead sections can be attached the same way. Attaching the strands this way gives the bracelet a more free-form look.

Clasp and connect bracelet 3
Step 3
Clasp and connect bracelet 4
Step 4

3. For the pearl section: Cut a 9–10-in. (23–25 cm) piece of beading wire. String a crimp tube and a loop of half of a slide clasp. Go back through the crimp tube and tighten the wire. Make a folded crimp. Trim the excess wire.

4. Cut nine 9–10-in. (23–25 cm) pieces of beading wire. Repeat step 3, attaching two pieces of beading wire per loop.


Clasp and connect bracelet 5
Step 5
Clasp and connect bracelet 6
Step 6

5. On each wire, string 3–4 in. (7.6–10 cm) of pearls, using different types on alternating strands. Secure each strand with a bead stopper as you go.

6. On each wire, string a crimp tube and a loop of the remaining clasp half, making sure both ends of the clasp face the same direction. (You can vary the wire/loop placement as in the chain section.) Go back through the crimp tube and tighten the wire.


Clasp and connect bracelet 7
Step 7
Clasp and connect bracelet 8
Step 8

7. Clasp one side of the chain section to one side of the pearl section. Check the fit, and add or remove pearls from each strand if necessary.

8. Tighten each wire and make a folded crimp. Trim the excess wire. Use chainnose pliers to close a crimp cover over each crimp.

Clasp and connect bracelet 9
9. For the crystal section: Follow steps 3 to 8, substituting crystals for the pearls and checking the fit with the pearl section as well.



  • 2 10 mm crystal rondelles
  • 2 3 mm crystal rondelles
  • 4 4 mm round crystals
  • 4 5 mm bead caps
  • 7 in. (18 cm) chain, 4–5 mm links
  • 2 2-in. (5 cm) head pins
  • pair of earring posts with ear nuts
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters

1. For each earring: Cut three 1-in. (2.5 cm) pieces of chain. On a head pin, string: 4 mm crystal, end link of each chain, bead cap, 10 mm crystal rondelle, bead cap, 4 mm crystal, 2 mm rondelle.

2. On the head pin, make a plain loop. Open the loop of an earring post. Attach the dangle and close the loop.

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