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Subscriber Exclusive: Twin-bead bezeled earrings

Create this interesting bezel to dress up stud earrings. Use pre-assembled studs, or go crazy and set your own stones (it’s easier than you might think!).
pair of post earrings 3⁄4 in. (1.9 cm) 
  • 2 6 mm CZs (simulated sapphire)
  • 10 2.5 x 5 mm Twin or SuperDuo beads (Twin 01620, silky gold iris)
  • 10 3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, Provence lavender AB 2X)
  • 50 11/0 seed beads (Miyuki 9351, cream-lined aqua)
  • 60 15/0 seed beads (Miyuki F31, matte silver-lined dark Montana)
  • 2 6 mm Snap-Tite post earring settings (
  • Fireline 6 lb. test
    beading needles, #11
    Photo A

    This project works well with either 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuos or Twin beads. For the purposes of these instructions, we will refer to these beads as Twin beads.

    Earring assembly 
    1. Place a 6 mm CZ face down on a bead mat or soft towel. 

    2. Position the Snap-Tite post earring setting on the back of the stone, making sure the post is perpendicular to your work surface. 

    3. Place your fingers on either side of the post (PHOTO A), and press down firmly and steadily on the back of the setting until you hear a “snap.”

    4. Repeat to set a 6 mm CZ in the other earring setting.

    Figure 1
    Click on image to enlarge.

     On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, attach a stop bead, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. 

    2. Pick up a 15/0 seed bead, a 2.5 x 5 mm Twin bead, a 15/0, a 3 mm bicone crystal, a 15/0, an 11/0 seed bead, and a 15/0. Skip the last three beads, and sew through the 3 mm in the same direction (FIGURE 1, a–b). Position the skipped beads to form a loop around the top half of the 3 mm.

    3. Pick up a 15/0, an 11/0, and a 15/0, and sew through the 3 mm in the same direction (b–c). Position the new loop of beads on top of the previous loop of beads.

    4. Pick up an 11/0, and sew through the 3 mm in the same direction. Position the 11/0 to the bottom of the 3 mm (c–d)

    5. Repeat steps 2–4 four times for a total of five Twin bead sets (d–e).

    6. To join the ends of the beadwork: Sew through the first 15/0 and the same hole of the Twin bead from step 2, and continue through the rest of the “core beads” (not the loops of beads around the 3 mms) in each Twin bead set. Exit the first 15/0 (e–f).

    Figure 2
    7. Remove the stop bead. With the working thread, sew through the available hole of the next Twin bead (FIGURE 2, a–b), and sew through the following 11/0 picked up in step 4 (b–c). Repeat this stitch to complete the round (c–d), and retrace the thread path, pulling the beads snugly into a ring.
    Figure 3

    8. Sew through the beadwork to exit the 11/0 in a loop of beads added in step 2 (FIGURE 3, a–b). Note: This is the loop of beads underneath the top loop of beads. Pick up two 11/0s, and sew through the 11/0 in the corresponding loop of beads around the next 3 mm (b–c). Repeat this stitch to complete the round, but do not snug up the beads yet (c–d). This will form a cup.


    Photo B
    Photo C

    9. Place the earring setting in the cup, with the CZ lying against the Twin beads, and snug up the beads added in step 8 (PHOTO B). Retrace the thread path through the beads added in step 8. Secure the beadwork to the earring setting by sewing through the prongs on the setting (PHOTO C) and then sewing through the adjacent two or three 11/0s added in step 8. Repeat this stitch for the other three prongs. End the working thread and tail. 

    10. Bezel the other earring.

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