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Let's twist again bead and crochet necklace

Bead crochet twisting rows of sparkling beads

An experiment in adding triangle beads to a row of straight crochet resulted in a necklace that displays a visible thread base, outward facing beads, and twisting beadwork.


necklace 18 in. (46 cm)

  • 16g 8/0 triangle beads in each of 2 colors: A, B
  • clasp
  • 2 4mm inside-diameter jump rings
  • 2 6mm split rings
  • C-Lon bead cord
  • tapestry needle
  • crochet hook, 2.75 mm
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • Paperclip


1. Using the trimmed end of C-Lon bead cord, pick up 150 color A triangle beads, 300 color B triangle beads, and 150 As. Do not cut the cord from the spool. Slide the beads toward the spool, leaving 1 yd. (.9 m) of cord without beads.

2. Make a slipknot, leaving a 12-in. (30 cm) tail. Chain 151 stitches using the working cord and not the tail.


3. Skip a chain stitch, and work a bead single crochet stitch in the next chain stitch. Using the 150 As at the end of the cord, work in bead single crochet to place a bead single crochet stitch in each stitch of the chain. Unwind cord from the spool as needed, pushing the beads toward the spool. This row will twist as you crochet (PHOTO A). Chain one at the end of the row.




4. Slide a paperclip through the bottom section of the loop of the first chain stitch (PHOTO B). This will help you locate the chain-base loops into which you will crochet the third row of beads.

Designer's note: 

  • C-Lon bead cord is firm enough to pick up beads without using a needle.
  • Doubled C-Lon will not fit through the hole of the beads used for this project.
5. Flip the chain. Using Bs, work bead single crochet into the top two loops of each stitch of the previous row (PHOTO C). Chain one at the end of the row. The beads will be positioned on the opposite side of the work from row 1.
6. The paperclip marks the first loop of the next row. Remove the paperclip. Using Bs, work bead single crochet into the single loops of the base chain visible between the first and second bead crochet rows (PHOTO D). Chain one at the end of the row. The beads will lie next to the beads in row 2.

7. Flip your work. Using As, work bead single crochet into the top two loops of the previous row (PHOTO E). The beads will lie next to the beads in row 1.

8. Cut the cord, leaving a 12-in. (30 cm) tail. Pull the cord through the last loop. Thread a tapestry needle on the working cord, and sew through a split ring and the beadwork three or four times. Secure the working cord in the beadwork with a few half-hitch knots (Basics, and trim. Repeat on the other end with the tail.

9. Open a jump ring, and attach a split ring and half of the clasp. Close the jump ring. Repeat on the other end.

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