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Heart's Content peyote bracelet

Embellish a peyote band with bezeled jewels and brick stitch hearts

Begin with a basic peyote band, and then embellish it to your heart’s content. Whether you want a slim tennis-style band, a jaunty charm bracelet, or a bejeweled cuff, you’re sure to enjoy the many variations on this versatile theme.


tennis bracelet, charm bracelet, or open cuff 6 1⁄2 in. (16.5cm)  

  • 10–30 4mm crystals, fire-polished beads, round gemstones, or rose montees
  • 4–8g Japanese cylinder beads
  • 1g size 15/0 seed beads
  • 1 or 2 sets of snaps or magnetic clasps
  • Nymo B or D conditioned with beeswax, or Fireline 6 lb. test
  • beading needles, #12

Peyote base

1. On a comfortable length of thread, string a stop bead, leaving a 6-in. (15cm) tail.

Hearts content peyote bracelet Figure 1

2. Pick up seven cylinder beads, turn, skip two beads, and go back through the third bead from the end (FIGURE 1). Complete the row in flat, even-count peyote.

3. Continue stitching in flat peyote until the band is 1⁄2 in. (1.3cm) longer than the circumference of your wrist for a snap closure, or 1⁄2 in. shorter than the circumference of your wrist for a magnetic clasp.

4. Secure the working thread in the beadwork with a few half-hitch knots between beads, and trim. Remove the stop bead, and secure the tail the same way.

Hearts content peyote bracelet Figure 2

5. For a snap closure, secure a new thread at one end, and sew one snap half in place near the end of the band. Secure the tail, and trim. Secure a new thread at the other end, position the other snap half on the underside of the band so it lines up correctly, and sew it in place. 

For a magnetic clasp, taper the end as follows: With the thread exiting FIGURE 2, point a, turn as shown (a–b). Go back through the bead your thread is exiting and the last bead added (b–c). Work two peyote stitches (c–d), turn (d–e), and go back through the edge bead and the last bead picked up (e–f). Work one more stitch (f–g and PHOTO A).

Hearts content peyote bracelet Photo A
Hearts content peyote bracelet Photo B

Pick up the clasp, and go through the adjacent bead (PHOTO B). Retrace the thread path several times. Secure the tail, and trim. Repeat on the other end.

6. If making the cuff style, repeat steps 1–5 to make a second peyote strip.



1. Determine the number of 4mm beads you wish to embellish your bracelet with and where you will place them. Space them as desired. The 4mms shown here are spaced every seven beads (red and silver bracelets) and every 11 beads (blue and gold bracelets).

2. Secure a 1-yd. (.9m) length of thread at one end. Weave through beads to exit the edge bead of row 4 (FIGURE 3, point a), and go through the next edge bead (a–b).

Hearts content peyote bracelet Figure 3

3. Pick up a 15/0 seed bead, a 4mm, and a 15/0, and go through the edge bead as shown (b–c). Turn, go through the edge bead of the prior row, and then go back through the 15/0, 4mm, and 15/0 (c–d).

4. Pick up five 15/0s, guide them along one side of the 4mm, and go back through the 15/0, 4mm, and 15/0 (d–e). Pick up five 15/0s, and guide them along the other side of the 4mm. Go back through the 15/0, 4mm, and 15/0, and continue through the edge bead at point b (e–f).

5. Zigzag through the next seven or 11 edge beads or the number determined by your desired spacing.

6. Repeat steps 3–5 to the end of the band. Secure the tails, and trim.



Follow the instructions for the tennis bracelet, then make the heart-shaped charms as follows. If desired, make diamonds instead of hearts, or make charms in an assortment of shapes.

Brick stitch hearts

Hearts content peyote bracelet Figure 4

1. Thread a needle on a 1-yd. length of Nymo, and pick up two cylinder beads. Go through them again in the same direction, and adjust them so they sit side by side. Working in ladder stitch, stitch an eight-bead ladder. Zigzag back through the ladder.

2. Work six rows in brick stitch, ending with a two-bead row (FIGURE 4).

Hearts content peyote bracelet Figure 5 cropped
Hearts content peyote bracelet Figure 6

3. Pick up a 15/0, a 4mm, and a 15/0. Go back through the 4mm and the first 15/0, and sew into the adjacent cylinder bead (FIGURE 5). Continue through the edge beads, exiting at the end of row 1.

4. Work a row of brick stitch with three beads (FIGURE 6, a–b), then a row with two beads (b–c). Go through the last bead in each of the top two rows, and continue through the fourth bead on row 1 (c–d). 

5. Go up through the next bead in row 1 (d–e), and repeat step 5 to make the second lobe of the heart (e–f). Secure the tails, and trim.

6. Repeat steps 1–5 to make as many hearts as desired.


For the rest of the instructions and figures to complete the charm bracelet, and also to make the open cuff pictured below, download or print the FREE PDF!
Hearts content peyote bracelet Alternate pattern
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