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Daisies and lace peyote bracelet

Delicate flowers adorn a feminine three-band bracelet

For some of us, winter melts much too slowly into spring. What better way to shake off the chill than by stitching up some of those pretty flowers to come? Celebrate spring with this carefree cuff in lavender, mint, and peppermint pink.

Daisies and lace peyote bracelet Figure 1
Daisies and lace peyote bracelet Figure 2
Daisies and lace peyote bracelet Figure 3
Daisies and lace peyote bracelet Photo A


bracelet 6 in. (15cm) 

  • Japanese cylinder beads
    • 20g mauve, color A
    • 20g white, color C
    • 10g dark pink, color B
    • 5g green, color D
    • 5g light pink, color E
  • 10g size 11/0 Miyuki seed beads, ceylon pink, color F
  • 2 ball-and-socket clasps 
  • 4 5mm jump rings
  • 3mm soldered jump rings
  • Nymo D conditioned with beeswax, or SoNo
  • beading needles, #12
  • chainnose pliers


Peyote band 

1. Using a comfortable length of conditioned thread, start at point a on section 1 of FIGURE 1. Leave a 10-in. (25cm) tail, and work in flat, even-count peyote

2. Following the pattern, work 22 rows and exit at point b. Do not cut the thread.

3. From point b, continue working in flat, even-count peyote to make column 1. Secure the thread and trim the tail.

4. Secure a new thread and, starting at point c, work column 2 as you did column 1. Secure the thread and trim the tail.

5. Starting at point d, repeat step 4.

6. Work section 2 as you did section 1. Do not cut the thread at the end of section 2.

7. Align the flowers in section 2 with the three columns. Using the existing thread, join each column to section 2 as shown in FIGURE 2, a–b. Maneuver through the beads to reach the starting points for the second and third columns (b–c and d–e).


Embellish the band

1. Start a thread near the base of column 3. Exit at FIGURE 3, point a, and follow the thread path to add 11/0 seed beads in the channel between columns 2 and 3. Secure the thread and trim the tail.

2. Starting at point b, add 11/0s in the other channel between columns 1 and 2.

3. For the lace trim, start a new thread at point c. Pick up one color C cylinder bead, skip one thread bridge on the edge, and go under the next (c–d). Repeat on both long edges of the band.


Attach the clasps

1. Secure a new thread at any corner and exit between the first and second up-beads in the end row (FIGURE 3, point e). Sew through a 3mm soldered jump ring and back through a nearby bead in the end row (e–f). Go back through the ring and the beads several times to reinforce the connection. Secure the thread and trim the tail. 

2Open a 5mm jump ring, and slide it through the 3mm soldered ring. Attach a clasp half (PHOTO A), then close the jump ring. 

3. Repeat on all four corners.

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