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Country style necklace word chart

Learn double column seam peytwist with this rope that spirals in alternating colors!
Style 1
Try a different color option for this bracelet! The alternate colorway is available in the October 2018 Resource Guide.

The main instructions for this lovely double-column seam Peytwist technique is from the October 2018 issue of Bead&Button magazine. Refer to page 32 of the magazine for necklace bead colors and quantities, and for the instructions for completing the rope.

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Starter strip

1. On a comfortable length of thread, attach a stop bead, leaving a 12-in. (30 cm) tail. Starting at the upper-right corner of the pattern, pick up a color B 11/0 seed bead, a color E 11/0 seed bead, a B, a color D 11/0 seed bead, two color F 11/0 seed beads, a color A 11/0 seed bead, two Fs, a D, a B, and an E.

2. Work nine rows in flat even-count peyote stitch to create a strip with a total of 11 rows, adding only five beads instead of six in row 11.

3. Work the join, and finish the bracelet according to the instructions in the magazine.



Row 1&2 (L): (1)B, (1)E, (1)B, (1)D, (2)F, (1)A, (2)F, (1)D, (1)B, (1)E
Row 3 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D, (1)E
Row 4 (L): (2)B, (1)F, (1)C, (1)F, (1)B
Row 5 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D, (1)E
Row 6 (L): (2)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 7 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D, (1)E 
Row 8 (L): (2)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 9 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D, (1)E 
Row 10 (L): (2)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 11 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 12 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 13 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 14 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)C, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 15 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 16 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 17 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 18 (L): (1)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 19 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 20 (L): (1)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 21 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 22 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 23 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 24 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)C, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 25 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 26 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 27 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 28 (L): (1)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 29 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 30 (L): (1)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 31 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 32 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 33 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 34 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)C, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 35 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 36 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 37 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 38 (L): (1)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 39 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 40 (L): (1)B, (3)F, (1)B
Row 41 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 42 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 43 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 44 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)C, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 45 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)A, (1)D 
Row 46 (L): (1)B, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B 
Row 47 (R): (1)E, (1)D, (2)F, (1)D 
Row 48 (L): (1)B, (3)F, (1)B

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