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Brick-stitch frogs

These little frogs will keep you hoppin’ happy all day.
Brick frogs_hero

Put them on a pin, a necklace, or even make them into a pair of earrings. Declare your love for nature while making everyone smile. Make one and you’ll want to make a whole rainforest full!


  • size 11/0 seed beads in various colors
  • 2 size 8/0 seed beads for the eyes
  • Silamide or Nymo D beading thread
  • beading needle, #12
  • Optional: druk (6/0 bead) and a stickpin, pair of earring findings, necklace chain


Begin by making a brick stitch ladder that goes around the frog at its neck. Then make four triangles off the ladder. The two smaller triangles form a diamond that is the frog’s underside. Two slightly larger triangles form a diamond for the frog’s head and back. Finally, work the frog’s legs.


1. With 30 in. (48.2cm) of thread, string two size 11/0 beads leaving a 6-in. (15cm) tail. Pass the needle back up through both beads and pull the top bead around so the two are side by side. The needle is coming out of the bottom of the second bead. Pick up a third bead and pass your needle down bead #2 then back up bead #3 (FIGURE 1).

2. Pick up bead #4 and pass the needle up bead #3 and back down bead #4 (FIGURE 2).

3. Continue adding beads like this until you have a total of ten beads. Sew the ends together by going through the first bead again to form a circle. Tie the working thread and tail together in a square knot. Don’t cut the thread.

Figure 1
Figure 2

1. To make the underside of the frog, pick up two beads. Pass the needle under the loop of thread between the second and third bead on the ladder from back to front and pull tight. Sew up bead #2 and down #1. Then go back up through #2 again (FIGURE 3).

2. For the rest of each row, add one bead at a time. Pick up bead #3. Pass the needle under the next loop of thread from back to front. Then sew back up through bead #3 (FIGURE 4). Continue adding beads this way until you have a row of four beads.

Figure 3
Figure 4

Each of the next two rows will have one fewer bead than the previous row. Stop after the two-bead row. String one bead and run the needle down through the second bead in the row of 2 and through the edge beads back through the foundation row (PHOTO A).

3. Stitch an identical triangle on the opposite edge of the foundation row.

4. Work a third triangle starting with a row of six beads on the foundation row and ending with the two-bead row. Join the top and bottom of the tail by running the needle through the last bead added in step 2 (PHOTO B), then through the edge beads to the opposite side of the foundation row.

Brick frogs_1
Brick frogs_2

5. Fourth triangle, row 1 (head): This is an increase row. Pick up two size 11/0s and pass the needle under the first loop from back to front and pull tight. Sew up bead #2, down #1, and come back up #2 (FIGURE 5). Add one size 8/0, one size 11/0, one size 8/0, and two size 11/0s.

Row 2: Work a row of six beads.

Row 3: This is a decrease row. Work two beads, skip a bridge (the thread between the next two beads) (PHOTO C), and work two more beads. Pull tight to make the face curve.

Row 4: Work two beads onto the last row by skipping the middle bridge. If the beads don’t line up correctly, run the needle through both beads again.

Figure 5
Brick frogs_3
Figure 6

6. Finish the triangle with one bead. Then run the needle through the edge and other beads as needed to exit a size 8/0 eye bead from back to front. String a size 11/0 black seed bead and go back through the eye bead. Work the needle to the other eye and repeat. Tie a few half-hitch knots between beads and trim the thread.

7. Weave 18 in. (45.7cm) of new thread through several beads and exit the frog’s side, coming out a corner bead on the foundation row. At a right angle to the frog, brick stitch four rows of two beads for an arm (FIGURE 6). Put three fringes of three beads at the end for the toes. Repeat on the other side for the second arm.

8. On the bottom edge of the frog’s back side, brick stitch the leg with three rows of three beads (PHOTO D). Start the first row by going through the thread between bead rows (FIGURE 7). Finish with two rows of two beads, and three 3-bead toes. Repeat on the opposite side.

9. You have several options if you want to wear your frog as jewelry. To make a pin, place a druk (size 6/0 seed bead) on a stickpin and thread the pin through the mouth of the frog to support him. Or string him as a bead onto a necklace or earring.

Brick frogs_4
Figure 7

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