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Sparkling waves ladder stitch bracelet

Waves of fire-polished beads accent a ladder stitch base.

Using colored thread with crystal-colored beads will enhance the wave effect. 


bracelet 6 3⁄4 in. (17.1 cm) 

  • 199 3 mm oval fire-polished beads
  • 7 g size 8/0 Japanese cylinder beads
  • 2 g size 15/0 Japanese seed beads
  • 2-strand slide clasp
  • conditioned nylon beading thread
  • beading needles, #12


Sparkling waves bracelet Figure 1
Sparkling waves bracelet Figure 2
Sparkling waves bracelet Figure 3
Sparkling waves bracelet Figure 4
Sparkling waves bracelet Figure 5

1. On 2 yd. (1.8 m) of conditioned thread (Basics), pick up four 8/0 cylinder beads, leaving a 1-yd. (.9 m) tail. Working in ladder stitch, sew through the four cylinders again, and snug up the beads so you have two side-by-side columns (FIGURE 1, a–b).

2. Pick up two cylinders, and sew through the last pair of cylinders and the cylinders just added again (b–c). Continue adding pairs of cylinders until your band is the desired length and the number of rows is divisible by three with one remainder.

To reinforce the band, zigzag back through its entire length. Secure the thread with a few half-hitch knots, and trim.

3. Thread a needle on the 1-yd. (.9 m) tail, pick up one 3 mm fire-polished bead, four cylinders, and a 3 mm. Sew through the second pair of cylinders on the ladder and the next pair of cylinders in the opposite direction (FIGURE 2, a–b).

Repeat for the length of the bracelet. Exit from the last row on the ladder.

4. Pick up one 3 mm and two cylinders, and sew through the last two cylinders of the previous stitch (c–d). Sew through the two new cylinders again. To reinforce the ladder, zigzag back through the cylinders (d–e) along the entire length of the second half of the band.

5. To add the interior waves, exit between the two end cylinders at one end of a ladder, and tie a half-hitch knot. Pick up one 15/0 seed bead, a 3 mm, a 15/0, a 3 mm, and a 15/0, and wrap the working thread around the thread bridge between the fourth pair of cylinders (FIGURE 3).

Repeat along the length of the band, wrapping around the thread bridge between every fourth pair of cylinders.

6. Sew through to the other side of the band, exit between the two end cylinders, and repeat step 5 to add waves to the other ladder.

7. To add the edge waves, exit an exterior corner cylinder, and anchor the thread by wrapping it around the thread bridge between the first and second cylinders. Pick up a 15/0, a 3 mm, a 15/0, a 3 mm, and a 15/0, and wrap around the thread bridge between the third and fourth cylinders (FIGURE 4).

Repeat along the edge, wrapping around every third thread bridge.

8. Stitch through to the other side of the band, and repeat step 7 to add waves to the other edge. Secure the tail, and trim.

9. To add the clasp, secure a comfortable length of thread near one end of the band. Sew through the beadwork to exit between a cylinder and a 3 mm at the end of the band. Sew through the first loop of one half of the clasp, and sew through the cylinder again.

Retrace the thread path five or six times. Sew through the 3 mm and a cylinder. Secure the second loop the same way (FIGURE 5).

Secure the working thread in the beadwork, and trim. Repeat to add the other half of the clasp to the other end.

Sparkling waves bracelet full
The finished bracelet!
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