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Neon leaves bracelet word chart

A row-by-row word chart for this stunning bracelet design. 
BNB June 2018 issue cover

The main project for this lovely design appears in the June 2018 issue of Bead&Button magazine. Refer to the magazine for step-by-step patterns and weaving instructions, and also for the instructions for setting up your loom and completing the bracelet. 

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  • 11/0 cylinder beads (Mikuki Delica)
    • 12 g color A: DB0310, matte black
    • 1 g color B: DB0655, opaque Kelly green
    • 1 g color C: DB0754, matte opaque pea green
    • 1 g color D: DB2127, Duracoat opaque spruce 
    • 1 g color E: DB0733, opaque lime green
    • 1 g color F: DB2124, Duracoat opaque cactus
    • 2 g color G: DB2121, Duracoat opaque kiwi 
    • 2 g color H: DB2126, Duracoat Fiji green 
  • beading needles, #12 and # 12 extra long
  • nylon beading thread, size D
  • bobbin or piece of cardboard, optional
  • bead loom



Neon Leaves bracelet pattern
Row 1: (31)A
Row 2: (10)A, (1)B, (20)A
Row 3: (11)A, (1)B, (19)A
Row 4: (12)A, (1)B, (18)A
Row 5: (13)A, (2)B, (2)E, (7)A, (1)B, (6)A
Row 6: (14)A, (1)H, (2)B, (2)E, (2)B, (3)A, (2)B, (1)F, (4)A
Row 7: (14)A, (2)H, (1)A, (1)B, (3)H, (3)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B, (1)F, (3)A
Row 8: (1)B, (13)A, (2)H, (1)F, (2)A, (1)F, (4)H, (1)F, (1)A, (1)B, (1)F, (3)A
Row 9: (1)A, (1)B, (13)A, (2)H, (1)G, (2)A, (3)G, (1)H, (3)G, (1)F, (3)A
Row 10: (1)A, (1)B, (14)A, (1)H, (1)G, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (3)G, (1)H, (1)G, (2)F, (3)A
Row 11: (2)A, (1)B, (1)H, (12)A, (1)H, (3)G, (2)A, (1)F, (3)G, (2)F, (3)A
Row 12: (2)A, (1)F, (1)B, (1)H, (12)A, (1)H, (2)G, (1)F, (1)A, (3)G, (2)F, (4)A
Row 13: (2)A, (1)F, (1)A, (1)B, (1)H, (7)A, (2)B, (4)A, (2)G, (2)A, (1)G, (2)F, (5)A
Row 14: (2)A, (1)F, (1)A, (2)B, (1)H, (7)A, (4)B, (3)G, (1)F, (9)A
Row 15: (2)A, (2)F, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (6)A, (2)B, (3)G, (1)A, (1)G, (1)A, (1)C, (1)B, (6)A
Row 16: (2)A, (1)F, (1)H, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (1)C, (6)A, (2)G, (1)A, (1)G, (3)A, (1)C, (1)B, (5)A
Row 17: (2)A, (1)F, (2)H, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (2)H, (2)E, (1)C, (4)A, (3)G, (4)A, (1)C, (1)B, (5)A
Row 18: (3)A, (1)F, (1)H, (1)B, (1)E, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (2)E, (1)C, (9)A, (2)E, (1)H, (4)A
Row 19: (3)A, (1)F, (1)H, (1)B, (2)E, (1)A, (1)F, (1)G, (7)H, (5)A, (1)F, (2)E, (1)H, (1)G, (3)A
Row 20: (3)A, (1)F, (2)H, (1)B, (2)E, (1)A, (1)F, (2)G, (7)H, (3)A, (1)F, (3)H, (1)G, (3)A
Row 21: (4)A, (1)F, (3)H, (2)B, (2)A, (1)F, (3)G, (5)H, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (2)G, (3)A
Row 22: (4)A, (2)F, (4)H, (1)B, (2)A, (1)F, (4)G, (3)H, (1)A, (1)F, (2)H, (3)G, (3)A
Row 23: (5)A, (2)F, (4)H, (1)B, (2)A, (2)F, (3)G, (2)H, (2)F, (2)H, (3)G, (3)A
Row 24: (6)A, (2)F, (1)G, (3)H, (2)B, (2)A, (1)F, (5)G, (1)F, (5)G, (3)A
Row 25: (7)A, (2)F, (1)G, (4)H, (1)B, (2)A, (1)F, (9)G, (4)A
Row 26: (8)A, (2)F, (1)G, (4)H, (2)B, (2)A, (1)F, (6)G, (5)A
Row 27: (10)A, (2)F, (1)G, (3)H, (2)G, (2)A, (1)F, (4)G, (6)A
Row 28: (7)A, (3)H, (1)G, (1)F, (2)G, (2)H, (3)G, (2)A, (1)F, (2)G, (7)A
Row 29: (8)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)F, (6)G, (2)A, (1)F, (2)G, (7)A
Row 30: (10)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)F, (5)G, (1)A, (1)F, (1)G, (5)A, (1)C, (2)A
Row 31: (12)A, (2)H, (1)G, (1)F, (4)G, (7)A, (1)E, (1)C, (2)A
Row 32: (13)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)F, (5)A, (1)F, (2)B, (2)E, (3)A
Row 33: (22)A, (2)F, (2)H, (1)E, (1)B, (3)A
Row 34: (21)A, (2)F, (1)H, (1)F, (2)B, (4)A
Row 35: (21)A, (1)F, (1)H, (4)F, (4)A
Row 36: (21)A, (3)F, (5)A, (2)B
Row 37: (15)A, (1)C, (12)A, (1)B, (1)C, (1)B
Row 38: (15)A, (1)C, (8)A, (4)B, (1)C, (2)B
Row 39: (14)A, (1)E, (1)C, (5)A, (4)B, (3)H, (2)B, (1)A
Row 40: (13)A, (2)E, (5)A, (2)B, (2)H, (2)E, (1)H, (2)B, (2)A
Row 41: (13)A, (1)E, (1)H, (4)A, (2)B, (3)H, (1)E, (1)H, (2)B, (3)A
Row 42: (12)A, (3)H, (3)A, (2)B, (2)H, (2)A, (2)H, (1)B, (4)A
Row 43: (11)A, (3)H, (4)A, (1)B, (1)H, (2)A, (3)H, (2)B, (4)A
Row 44: (10)A, (4)H, (4)A, (1)B, (1)A, (3)H, (3)B, (5)A
Row 45: (9)A, (5)H, (4)A, (6)B, (7)A
Row 46: (8)A, (1)G, (5)H, (17)A
Row 47: (7)A, (1)G, (1)H, (1)D, (5)H, (16)A
Row 48: (6)A, (1)G, (1)H, (2)E, (5)H, (16)A
Row 49: (6)A, (1)G, (1)H, (1)E, (1)D, (1)H, (1)A, (2)H, (1)D, (1)E, (15)A
Row 50: (5)A, (1)G, (2)H, (2)D, (1)H, (1)A, (2)H, (3)E, (14)A
Row 51: (2)A, (1)G, (2)A, (1)G, (4)H, (1)B, (1)A, (2)H, (1)D, (2)E, (4)A, (1)B, (9)A
Row 52: (1)A, (2)G, (2)A, (1)G, (4)H, (1)B, (1)A, (3)H, (2)D, (1)H, (2)A, (2)B, (9)A
Row 53: (1)A, (3)G, (1)A, (1)G, (4)H, (1)B, (1)A, (6)H, (2)A, (2)B, (9)A
Row 54: (1)A, (4)G, (1)A, (1)G, (3)H, (1)B, (1)A, (1)B, (5)H, (1)G, (1)A, (2)B, (9)A
Row 55: (1)A, (1)H, (3)G, (1)A, (2)G, (2)H, (1)B, (2)A, (5)H, (2)G, (1)H, (2)B, (8)A
Row 56: (2)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)A, (2)G, (1)H, (2)B, (1)A, (1)B, (3)H, (2)G, (3)H, (1)B, (8)A
Row 57: (3)A, (2)H, (1)G, (2)A, (2)G, (1)H, (1)B, (2)A, (1)B, (1)H, (3)G, (4)H, (8)A
Row 58: (4)A, (1)H, (2)G, (2)A, (2)G, (1)B, (2)A, (1)B, (4)G, (1)H, (1)A, (1)H, (9)A
Row 59: (4)A, (2)H, (2)G, (6)A, (1)B, (4)G, (1)A, (2)G, (6)A, (1)D, (2)A
Row 60: (6)A, (1)H, (4)G, (4)A, (3)G, (2)A, (1)G, (3)A, (2)G, (1)D, (2)E, (2)A
Row 61: (7)A, (2)H, (4)G, (6)A, (2)G, (1)A, (3)G, (2)E, (1)H, (3)A
Row 62: (9)A, (2)H, (4)G, (3)A, (2)G, (1)A, (2)G, (3)B, (1)H, (4)A
Row 63: (3)A, (1)B, (7)A, (1)H, (3)G, (2)A, (2)G, (1)A, (3)G, (1)A, (1)B, (1)H, (5)A
Row 64: (4)A, (1)B, (2)G, (5)A, (3)H, (2)A, (1)G, (1)A, (2)G, (2)A, (1)B, (1)H, (6)A
Row 65: (4)A, (1)E, (1)D, (2)G, (2)H, (3)A, (2)H, (3)A, (2)G, (1)A, (1)G, (1)B, (1)H, (7)A
Row 66: (4)A, (1)H, (1)E, (1)A, (2)G, (2)H, (7)A, (1)G, (1)A, (1)G, (1)H, (9)A
Row 67: (4)A, (2)H, (1)E, (1)A, (2)G, (2)H, (19)A
Row 68: (4)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)A, (2)G, (1)H, (19)A
Row 69: (5)A, (1)H, (3)G, (1)A, (2)G, (19)A
Row 70: (7)A, (3)G, (21)A
Row 71: (11)A, (1)B, (19)A
Row 72: (12)A, (1)B, (18)A
Row 73: (13)A, (2)B, (2)E, (7)A, (1)B, (6)A
Row 74: (14)A, (1)H, (2)B, (2)E, (2)B, (3)A, (2)B, (1)F, (4)A
Row 75: (14)A, (2)H, (1)A, (1)B, (3)H, (3)F, (1)A, (1)F, (1)B, (1)F, (3)A
Row 76: (1)B, (13)A, (2)H, (1)F, (2)A, (1)F, (4)H, (1)F, (1)A, (1)B, (1)F, (3)A
Row 77: (1)A, (1)B, (13)A, (2)H, (1)G, (2)A, (3)G, (1)H, (3)G, (1)F, (3)A
Row 78: (1)A, (1)B, (14)A, (1)H, (1)G, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (3)G, (1)H, (1)G, (2)F, (3)A
Row 79: (2)A, (1)B, (1)H, (12)A, (1)H, (3)G, (2)A, (1)F, (3)G, (2)F, (3)A
Row 80: (2)A, (1)F, (1)B, (1)H, (12)A, (1)H, (2)G, (1)F, (1)A, (3)G, (2)F, (4)A
Row 81: (2)A, (1)F, (1)A, (1)B, (1)H, (7)A, (2)B, (4)A, (2)G, (2)A, (1)G, (2)F, (5)A
Row 82: (2)A, (1)F, (1)A, (2)B, (1)H, (7)A, (4)B, (3)G, (1)F, (9)A
Row 83: (2)A, (2)F, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (6)A, (2)B, (3)G, (1)A, (1)G, (1)A, (1)C, (1)B, (6)A
Row 84: (2)A, (1)F, (1)H, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (1)C, (6)A, (2)G, (1)A, (1)G, (3)A, (1)C, (1)B, (5)A
Row 85: (2)A, (1)F, (2)H, (1)F, (1)A, (1)F, (2)H, (2)E, (1)C, (4)A, (3)G, (4)A, (1)C, (1)B, (5)A
Row 86: (3)A, (1)F, (1)H, (1)B, (1)E, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (2)E, (1)C, (9)A, (2)E, (1)H, (4)A
Row 87: (3)A, (1)F, (1)H, (1)B, (2)E, (1)A, (1)F, (1)G, (7)H, (5)A, (1)F, (2)E, (1)H, (1)G, (3)A
Row 88: (3)A, (1)F, (2)H, (1)B, (2)E, (1)A, (1)F, (2)G, (7)H, (3)A, (1)F, (3)H, (1)G, (3)A
Row 89: (4)A, (1)F, (3)H, (2)B, (2)A, (1)F, (3)G, (5)H, (1)A, (1)F, (3)H, (2)G, (3)A
Row 90: (4)A, (2)F, (4)H, (1)B, (2)A, (1)F, (4)G, (3)H, (1)A, (1)F, (2)H, (3)G, (3)A
Row 91: (5)A, (2)F, (4)H, (1)B, (2)A, (2)F, (3)G, (2)H, (2)F, (2)H, (3)G, (3)A
Row 92: (6)A, (2)F, (1)G, (3)H, (2)B, (2)A, (1)F, (5)G, (1)F, (5)G, (3)A
Row 93: (7)A, (2)F, (1)G, (4)H, (1)B, (2)A, (1)F, (9)G, (4)A
Row 94: (8)A, (2)F, (1)G, (4)H, (2)B, (2)A, (1)F, (6)G, (5)A
Row 95: (10)A, (2)F, (1)G, (3)H, (2)G, (2)A, (1)F, (4)G, (6)A
Row 96: (7)A, (3)H, (1)G, (1)F, (2)G, (2)H, (3)G, (2)A, (1)F, (2)G, (7)A
Row 97: (8)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)F, (6)G, (2)A, (1)F, (2)G, (7)A
Row 98: (10)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)F, (5)G, (1)A, (1)F, (1)G, (8)A
Row 99: (12)A, (2)H, (1)G, (1)F, (4)G, (11)A
Row 100: (13)A, (2)H, (2)G, (1)F, (13)A
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