Rings rock

Capture an oval ceramic bead in a net of seed beads and sparkling crystals. The adjustable ring finding makes it easy to fit most any finger. 

Enclose a big, bold bead in netting for a ring that’s both fun and comfortable to wear. Adjust the seed bead counts to accommodate different shapes and sizes of beads. 



  • 19 x 15 mm oval ceramic bead (Bead Gallery, 120977)
  • 6 4 mm bicone crystals, salt and pepper mix (Jolee's Jewels, 472044)
  • 70 11/0 seed beads, charcoal (Toho, 474773)
  • 60 11/0 cylinder beads, round matte black (Toho, 471979)
  • ring finding (Bead Gallery Elements, 119985)
  • nylon beading thread
  • beading needles, #10


Rings Rock photo a
1. On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, pick up a repeating pattern of an 11/0 seed bead and three cylinder beads six times. Wrap the beads around the base of the ring finding, tie the beads together with a square knot, and position the beads so that one 11/0 is centered on each side of the base, and the remaining 11/0s are aligned with the arms of the ring band. 
Rings Rock photo b
2. Sew through the first 11/0 again. Pick up seven 11/0s, and sew through the next 11/0 in the ring to form a point. Repeat around the ring to form six points, and step up through the first four 11/0s in the first point. Your thread should exit one of the points aligned with the ring band.
Rings Rock photo c
3. Pick up two cylinders, a 4 mm bicone crystal, and two cylinders. Sew through the center 11/0 in the next stitch. 
Rings Rock photo d

4. Repeat around, and step up through the first two cylinders and 4 mm in the first stitch of this round.

Rings Rock photo e
5. Pick up three cylinders, an 11/0, and three cylinders. Sew through the 4 mm in the next stitch of the previous round. Repeat around, and step up through the first three cylinders and 11/0 in the first stitch of this round.
Rings Rock photo f
6. Pick up six 11/0s, and sew through the center 11/0 in the next stitch of the previous round. Using medium tension, pick up three 11/0s for each of the next two stitches. Work one stitch with six 11/0s and the next two stitches with three 11/0s each, keeping the stitches loose. 
Rings Rock photo g
7. Place the oval bead in the netting, then pull the last round tight to hold the oval bead in place. Retrace the thread path through the last round, pulling tightly. End the threads.
Rings Rock back view
Here's a view of what your finished ring should look like from the back. Gorgeous!

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