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Beaded fabric buttons

Make a fabric-covered button, and embellish it with beads for a stunning home accent or focal piece for your jewelry.
animal print button


green/brown animal print button 4 in. (10 cm)

  • 1 size 100 (2 1⁄2 in./6.4 cm) half ball cover button (with teeth)
  • cover button kit
  • 4 in. (10 cm) square of midweight fabric
  • 26 10 x 7 mm teardrop beads (olivine)
  • 26 6 mm fire-polished beads (rose gold topaz)
  • 26 4 mm rondelles (copper)
  • 26 4 mm daisy spacers (copper)
  • 3 g 8/0 seed beads (Miyuki 2013, matte olive)
  • 3 g 11/0 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze)
  • beading needles, #10
  • Fireline, 10 lb. test



Beaded fabric button_photo a
Photo a
Beaded fabric button_photo b
Photo b

1. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, cover the button form with fabric (PHOTO A).

2. Thread 2 yd. (1.8 m) of Fireline on your needle, and tie an overhand knot near the end. Sew through the fabric along the back of the button, exiting on the edge.

3. Using 8/0 seed beads, work a round of beaded backstitch around the perimeter of the button: Pick up two 8/0s, and line them up along the edge of the button. Sew down through the fabric after the second bead, come back up through the fabric between the two beads just added, and sew through the second bead again. Repeat this stitch to create a ring around the perimeter of the button (PHOTO B)

It is important to end with a multiple of four beads so that the embellishments will be evenly distributed. It is better to have this round of beads be a bit loose than too tight, as cramming in too many beads will cause the ring to buckle. Sew through all the beads in the ring again to snug them up.
Beaded fabric button_photo c
Photo c
Beaded fabric button_photo d
Photo d

4. Exiting any 8/0 in the ring, work a spike: Pick up a 4 mm rondelle, a 4 mm daisy spacer, a 10 x 7 mm teardrop (narrow end first), and an 11/0 seed bead. Skip the 11/0, sew back through the teardrop, spacer, and rondelle, and then sew through the next four 8/0s in the ring (PHOTO C).

Snug the beads to the button (PHOTO D). Repeat this stitch around the button, and then sew through the next three 8/0s to exit the middle pair of 8/0s between two spikes.

Beaded fabric button_photo e
Photo e
Beaded fabric button_photo f
Photo f
5. Pick up a 6 mm fire-polished bead and five 11/0s, and sew through the 11/0 at the tip of an adjacent spike (PHOTO E).

6. Pick up five 11/0s and a 6 mm, sew through the two middle 8/0s between the next pair of spikes, and sew back through the 6 mm (PHOTO F).
Beaded fabric button_photo g
Photo g
Beaded fabric button_photo h
Photo h

Pick up five 11/0s, and sew through the 11/0 at the tip of the next spike (PHOTO G).

7. Repeat step 6 to complete the round. After the final repeat, pick up five 11/0s, and sew through the first 6 mm and the two 8/0s in the ring below. Sew back through the 6 mm, the last five 11/0s added, and the 11/0 at the tip of the adjacent spike. 

Pick up three 11/0s, and sew through the same tip 11/0 and the next three 11/0s (PHOTO H).

Beaded fabric button_photo i
Photo i
Beaded fabric_make it your own
Make it your own!

8. Pick up an 11/0, and sew through the top four 11/0s to exit the tip 11/0 of the next spike (PHOTO I). Repeat this step to add a picot to each tip 11/0. End the thread.

Make it your own! This project can be varied in many ways. Mix and match the below ideas — or come up with your own!

  • Try different bead shapes and sizes.
  • Work beaded backstitch only using fire-polished beads to make a modern bracelet.
  • Make short fringe using glass flower beads instead of tear- drop beads. 

For more ideas, including a cover button size chart and different designs, view our free, downloadable project PDF!

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