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A chain of interlocking beaded links forms a flexible bracelet

A beaded cube is the building block for these three-dimensional rectangle-and-square-shaped links.


bracelet 7 1/2 in. (19.1 cm)

  • 6 g size 15/0 seed beads in each of 2 colors: A, B
  • nylon beading thread, colors to match color A and B seed beads
  • beading needles, #13

EDITOR'S NOTE: If this your first attempt at cubic right-angle weave, it will be easier to practice the stitch using 11/0 or 8/0 seed beads. Once you become familiar with how the beads form the cube, switch to 15/0s to make the project.

Figure 1
Figure 2



1. On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, pick up four color A 15/0 seed beads, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Sew through the As again to form a ring, and continue through the next A.


2. Working in right-angle weave, work two more stitches.


3. Form the beadwork into a cube, being sure to sew through the beads of the open ends to cinch them closed.


4. Work in cubic right-angle weave to stitch a total of six joined cubes.


5. With the thread exiting the bottom A on one edge of the end cube, work three more cubes. Your beadwork is now in the shape of an L, and you have established the inside and outside edges of the link.


6. With the thread exiting the bottom A on the inside edge of the end cube, work five more cubes.


7. With the thread exiting the bottom A on the inside edge of the end cube, work one cube.


8. To connect the first and last cubes, pick up an A, and sew through the opposite A of the first cube (FIGURE 1, a–b). Pick up an A, and sew through the A the thread exited at the start of this step (b–c). Snug up the beads. Sew through the next two edge As (c–d). Repeat to add two more As (d–e)


9. On one side of the connection, sew through the four As that are not connected in a ring (FIGURE 2, a–b). Sew through the first A again (b–c). Sew through an A adjacent to the opposite side of the cube (c–d), and repeat to close the other open side. Secure the working thread and tail with a few half-hitch knots, and trim.


Photo A
Photo B

10. Repeat steps 1–9 to make a total of nine color A links.


11. Work as in steps 1–10 to make nine color B links that are five by five cubes square. Before completing the first color B link, slide it through a color A link (PHOTO A). Complete the color B link as in steps 8 and 9. Before completing each of the remaining color B links, slide it through the previously attached color A link, and attach another color A link (PHOTO B). Complete the color B link.


12. Add or omit pairs of color A and B links to lengthen or shorten the bracelet.

Photo C

Beaded toggle

1. On 1 1/2 yd. (1.4 m) of thread, make a color B link, and connect it to the end color A link. Sew through the beadwork to exit an edge B of the third cube on any side of the link.


2. Work four cubes, then work two cubes on each side of the end cube of the extension perpendicular to the end link of the bracelet. Secure the thread, and trim (PHOTO C).

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