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Crystal splash bracelet

An unusual clasp component sparkles on a band of rippling right-angle weave

This band looks complicated, but it has only two layers. The base layer is stitched with 3 mm beads, so it works up quickly. The seed bead embellishments added in the second layer create the rippled texture.


bracelet 7 3/4 in. (19.7 cm)

  • 14 mm or 20 mm square or round Swarovski rivoli
  • 750 3 mm Czech fire-polished beads
  • Japanese seed beads
    • 4 g size 8/0
    • 2 g size 11/0
    • 2 g size 15/0
  • small hook-and-eye clasp
  • nylon beading thread, size B
  • beading needles, #12
Crystal splash figure 1
Crystal splash photo a
Crystal splash figure 2
Crystal splash photo b


1. On a comfortable length of unconditioned thread, pick up four 3 mm fire-polished beads, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Sew through the first three beads again to form a ring. Picking up three 3 mms per stitch, work a total of seven right-angle weave stitches (FIGURE 1, a–b).

2. Sew through the next edge 3 mm (b–c) to begin the next row. Continue working rows of right-angle weave until the band is 11⁄2 in. (3.8 cm) longer than the desired finished length. As you work, keep your stitches very loose (PHOTO A). The beadwork will be pulled together when the embellishment is added. End and add thread (How-tos) as needed. A band 45 rows long will make a 73⁄4-in. (19.7 cm) bracelet.

3. Secure the working thread and tail in the beadwork with a few half-hitch knots (How-Tos), and trim.

4. Secure a comfortable length of thread at one end of the band, and, sewing toward the inner rows, position the needle so it exits a corner 3 mm (FIGURE 2, point a). 

5. Pick up a 15/0 seed bead, and sew through the next 3 mm in the row (a–b). Repeat across the row, adding a total of six 15/0s (b–c).

6. Sew through the next edge 3 mm and the following 3 mm in the next row (c–d). Pick up an 8/0 seed bead, and sew through the next 3 mm (d–e). Repeat across the row, adding a total of six 8/0s (e–f).

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the length of the band to embellish it with alternating rows of 15/0s and 8/0s. Don’t embellish the last two rows at the end of the band (PHOTO B). The rivoli and hook-and-eye clasp will be attached here.

8. Secure the working thread and tail, and trim.

Crystal splash figure 3
Crystal splash photo c
Crystal splash photo d


1. On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, pick up four 15/0s, leaving a 10-in. (25 cm) tail. Sew through the first three beads again to form a ring. Working in right-angle weave, stitch a strip that is a bead or two short of the rivoli’s circumference. Work two or three more rows.

2. To sew the strip into a short tube, connect the first and last rows: Pick up a 15/0, and sew through the edge 15/0 in the first row. Pick up a 15/0, and sew through the four beads in the stitch (FIGURE 3, a–b). Continuing in a right-angle weave thread path, add one 15/0 per stitch to complete the connection (b–c).

3. Thread a needle on the 10-in. (25 cm) tail, and sew through the beads on the edge of the tube, pulling them together so they are snug. Secure the tail, but don’t trim.

4. Place the rivoli in the tube with the faceted side facing up (PHOTO C). 

5. With the working thread exiting a bead in the top round of the tube, sew through the edge beads in the round to cinch them as close to the rivoli as possible. If the beads are spaced far apart, add beads as needed for a better fit.

If you’re using a round rivoli, you may work a round of peyote stitch (PHOTO D), and then sew through the peyote round again to cinch up the beads.

Crystal splash photo e
Crystal splash photo f

6. Embellish the beaded bezel as desired by stitching 15/0s and/or 11/0s between the horizontal beads in a round on the bezel’s edge (PHOTO E). Repeat around the bezel, adding embellishment rounds as desired. Secure the thread, and weave through to the bottom round of the bezel.

7. Stitch the hook half of the clasp to the bottom round of the bezel (PHOTO F). Secure the working thread, and trim. 

8. On the opposite side of the rivoli, stitch the bezel to the unembellished surface at the end of the band by sewing back and forth through the bezel and the center three 3 mms in the second row (PHOTO G). Retrace the thread path several times, secure the tail, and trim. 

9. Working on the other end of the band, stitch the eye half of the clasp to the 8/0s on each side of the center 3 mm in the second row (PHOTO H). Secure the tail, and trim.

Editor’s note: Stitching the base of 3 mms loosely is critical. In my first attempt, I stitched the base too tightly, and the 8/0s wouldn’t fit between the 3 mms!

Crystal splash photo g
Crystal splash photo h

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