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Sweet shamrock earrings

These wee shamrock earrings work up quickly, so there’s no reason to head to your next St. Patrick’s day celebration without a bit of green.
Sweet shamrock earrings key


Pair of earrings 1 1⁄4 in. (3.2 cm)

  • 11/0 seed beads
    • 1 g color A (Dyna-Mites, opaque green)
    • 1 g color B (Dyna-Mites, opaque lime green)
  • 1 g 15/0 seed beads (Miyuki 411, opaque green)
  • Fireline, 6 lb. test
  • Beading needle, #11 or 12
  • 1 pair of earring findings
  • 2 pairs of chainnose, bent nose, and/or flatnose pliers  


Sweet shamrock earrings 1
Figure 1
1. On a comfortable length of thread, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail, pick up three color A 11/0 seed beads, sew through all three beads to form a ring, and then sew through the first two beads again (FIGURE 1). Each of these three beads will act as row 1 for a leaf. End and add thread as needed.
Sweet shamrock earrings 2
Figure 2
2. Work a leaf in rows as follows:

Row 2: Pick up two As, and sew through the A your thread just exited and the first A just added (FIGURE 2).
Sweet shamrock earrings 3
Figure 3
Row 3: Working in brick stitch, work a starting stitch with two As (FIGURE 3, a–b), and an increase stitch with one A (b–c).
Sweet shamrock earrings 4
Figure 4
Rows 4–5: Pick up four As, and work a double-stack starting stitch (FIGURE 4, a–b). Work a regular double-stack stitch with two As (b–c), and an increase double-stack stitch with two As (c–d).
Sweet shamrock earrings 5
Figure 5
Row 6: Pick up three As, and sew through five As as shown (FIGURE 5, a–b). Repeat this stitch (b–c).

3. Working off of the As in the original ring, repeat step 2 twice to make a total of three leaves.
Sweet shamrock earrings 6
Figure 6
4. For the stem, pick up 12 As, skip the last bead, and sew back through the previous 11 beads (FIGURE 6). End the thread in a neighboring leaf.

5. For the second shamrock, repeat steps 1–3 using color B 11/0 seed beads instead of As.
Sweet shamrock earrings 7
Figure 7
6. For the stem, pick up 12 Bs, and sew through the last A in the first shamrock’s stem (FIGURE 7, a–b). Pick up eight 15/0 seed beads, and sew through the same A to form a hanging loop (b–c). Retrace the thread path to reinforce the loop. End the thread.

7. Open the loop of an earwire, and attach it to the hanging loop.

8. Repeat steps 1–7 to make another earring.


The word shamrock is derived from the Gaelic word Seamrog, meaning “little clover.”  A clover is the commonly-used name for plants belonging to the genus Trifolium, meaning “having three leaves.” When depicting a traditional Irish shamrock, three leaves should be shown, as opposed to the uncommon, but lucky, four-leaf clover.

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