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Art-glass drop bead bracelet

Accent rows of single crochet with assorted shapes and sizes of seed beads and art-glass drops to make a casual, loopy bracelet
Artglass drop bead bracelet hero
The red bracelet uses triangle beads in the mix, while the blue bracelet incorporates fringe drops.

Crocheted projects are usually worked in circular rounds. For this bracelet, you start with a row of chain stitches, and add colorful loops to them. A creative clasp idea brings all the elements together, making a supple, soft, and yet substantial bracelet. We’ve given you a few sample bead ideas, but your choices are unlimited.


Bracelet 7 in. (18cm) without clasp

  • 40 art-glass drop beads (Pumpkin Glass, 309-266-7884,
  • 20g 4 x 4mm Japanese cube, triangle, or fringe beads
  • 20g size 10/0 or 11/0 Japanese seed beads
  • toggle clasp or 20mm button
  • 2 crimp beads
  • spool of nylon or polyester thread, size 2
  • flexible beading wire,.019
  • Big Eye needle
  • crochet hook, size 8 or 9
  • G-S Hypo Cement
  • crimping pliers



1. String 5 in. (13cm) of assorted cube and 10/0 or 11/0 seed beads on the spool of thread. Then string an art-glass drop bead. Repeat until you have a total length of 3 yd. (2.7m). Do not cut the thread. Slide the beads approximately 12 in. (30cm) from the end of the spool.

2. Leaving a 4-in. (10cm) tail, loosely crochet a row of chain stitches that is 1 in. (2.5cm) longer than the desired length of your bracelet.

Artglass drop bead bracelet a
Photo a
Artglass drop bead bracelet b
Photo b
3. To make the first bead loop, insert the crochet hook into the second chain stitch from the hook (PHOTO A). Slide about 1 in. of beads next to the crochet hook, and work a single crochet stitch to hold the loop in place (PHOTO B).
Artglass drop bead bracelet c
Photo c
Artglass drop bead bracelet d
Photo d

4. Continue to add one loop in each chain stitch across the row. When you come to a drop, you can either use it in place of the loop or incorporate it into the loop. If you need to add more beads while working, complete a stitch, pull the thread through, and trim, leaving a short tail. String more beads on the spool. Tie the end of the spool and the short tail together right next to the last stitch, and dot with glue. Continue crocheting as before.

5. When you reach the first chain stitch, turn, and work in single crochet for another row of loops (PHOTO C).

6. Work one more row of loops, but use slip stitch instead of single crochet. For the last stitch, work one chain stitch. Pull the thread through the chain stitch, leaving a 4-in. tail.

Toggle clasp

1. Center an 8-in. (20cm) length of flexible beading wire through the endcrochet stitches on one end of the bracelet (PHOTO D).

Artglass drop bead bracelet e
Photo e

2. Over both ends, string a crimp bead.  On one end, string half the clasp (PHOTO E).

Artglass drop bead bracelet f
Photo f
Artglass drop bead bracelet g
Photo g

Put the end the clasp is on back through the crimp bead (PHOTO F), and crimp the crimp bead. Trim both wire ends.

3. Repeat on the other end of the bracelet.

Button clasp

1. Center an 8-in. length of flexible beading wire through the end crochet stitches on one end of the bracelet. 

2. On one wire end, string 12 11/0s, the button, and 12 11/0s. On the other wire end, string a crimp bead. Cross the first end through the crimp bead (PHOTO G), and crimp the crimp bead. Trim the extra wire. 

3. Repeat on the other end of the bracelet, omitting the button. Make sure to string enough 11/0s to fit over the button.

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