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Swirls and twirls tubular peyote necklace

Create stunning jewelry using a wide assortment of colorful seed beads to form curved shell-shaped components.
Swirls and twirls tubular peyote necklace intro
Know Before You Go
  • With so many colors to keep track of, label your beads and arrange them in alphabetical order (see image above, showing the beads we used for testing).
  • Long magatama holes are angled. On one side, the hole is near the center of the bead; on the other side, the hole is closer to the end of the bead. Always pick up the bead with the needle exiting near the center.
  • For rounds 3–9 on each component, always sew through the furthest bead of the next color.
  • To properly form each component, it is important to pull the tension tight after each stitch.

necklace 19 in. (48 cm)

  • 13 g 4 x 7 mm long magatama drop beads, color C (opaque turquoise Picasso)
  • 6/0 seed beads
    • 18 g color B (Toho 162C, transparent rainbow topaz)
    • 18 g color D (Miyuki 2425F, silver-lined matte teal)
  • 8/0 seed beads
    • 5 g color A (Miyuki 2035, khaki iris matte)
    • 5 g color E (Miyuki 93F, silver- lined matte gold)
    • 3 g 110 triangle beads, color F (Toho 223, bronze metallic)
  • 11/0 seed beads
    • 2 g color G (Toho 2120, silver-lined light pink opal;
    • 2 g color H (F460C, matte metallic copper rainbow,
    • 2 g color L (Toho PF551, peach gold metallic)
    • 2 g color M (Toho 997, gold- lined rainbow light sapphire)
    • 2 g color N (Toho 2104, silver- lined turquoise opal)
  • 11/0 cylinder beads
    • 2 g color I (Miyuki DB0608, silver-lined blue zircon)
    • 2 g color K (Miyuki DB0855, matte orange AB)
  • 1 g 15/0 seed beads, color J (Toho 994, gold-lined rainbow crystal)
  • 1 10 mm strong magnetic clasp
  • Fireline 8 lb. test beading needles, #12

pair of matching 2 in. (5 cm) earrings (see the pdf for project instructions and photos)

  • 2 5 mm pearls (olive green)
  • 1 pair of earring findings
Swirls and twirls tubular peyote necklace 01
photo a
Neck Straps
1. On a comfortable length of thread, pick up two of each bead as follows: Color A 8/0 seed bead, color B 6/0 seed bead, color C maga-tama bead, color D 6/0 seed bead, color E 8/0 seed bead, color F 11/0 triangle bead, color G 11/0 seed bead, color H 11/0 seed bead, color I 11/0 seed bead, color J 15/0 seed bead, color K 11/0 seed bead, color L 11/0 seed bead, color M 11/0 seed bead, and color N 11/0 seed bead. Sew through the beads again, and continue through the first two As to form a ring leaving an 18-in. (46 cm) tail (PHOTO A). These beads will shift to form rounds 1 and 2 as the next round is added.
Swirls and twirls tubular peyote necklace 02
photo b
Swirls and twirls tubular peyote necklace 03
photo c

2. Work round 3 in tubular peyote as follows (picking up the same type of bead as the one your thread is exiting for each stitch): Pick up an A, skip the first B, and sew through the following B. Pick up a B, skip the first C, and sew through the next C. Pick up a C, skip the first D, and sew through the following D. Pick up a D, skip the first E, and sew through the next E. Pick up an E, skip the first F, and sew through the following F (PHOTO B). Continue picking up beads in alphabetical order. Step up through the A added in this round (PHOTO C). As you work this component, be sure to position the previous rounds on the left and add new rounds on the right. Also, angle the magatamas to the left. This will determine the direction the beads will swirl or counter swirl. 

For full project instructions, and a bonus project of matching earrings, download the free pdf!

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