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Peyote cuff-style bracelet

Rivolis encircled by seed beads and crystals make a statement piece you’ll wear for years
peyote cuff style bracelet chart


bronze bracelet 71⁄4 in. (18.4 cm)

4 16 mm rivolis (Swarovski, purple haze)
28 6 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, aurum)
3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski)
    64 color A (Ceylon topaz)
    56 color B (Pacific opal)
    56 color C (aquamarinegolden shadow)
23 g 8/0 Delica cylinder beads (Miyuki DB0322, matte metallic dark bronze)
13 g 11/0 seed beads (Toho 989, bronze-lined crystal)
10 g 15/0 seed beads (Miyuki 2035, matte metallic khaki iris)
7-strand box clasp (antique brass; Bead Haven Las Vegas, 702-233-2450)
Fireline 6 lb. test
beading needles, #12
purple bracelet colors
16 mm rivolis (Swarovski, glacier blue)
6 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, amethyst)
3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski)
    color A (amethyst)
    color B (vintage rose)
    color C (cyclamen opal AB 2X)
8/0 Delica cylinder beads (Miyuki DB0301, matte gunmetal)
11/0 seed beads (Toho 26, silver-lined light amethyst)
15/0 seed beads (Miyuki 456, gunmetal iris) 
peyote cuff style bracelet 1
Figure 1
peyote cuff style bracelet 2
Figure 2

1. On 1 1⁄2 yd. (1.4 m) of thread, pick up a 15/0 seed bead, a color B 3 mm bicone crystal, a 15/0, a B, a 15/0, a color C 3 mm bicone crystal, a 15/0, and a C. Sew through the first three beads to form a ring, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail (figure 1).

2. Pick up three 15/0s, sew through the 15/0 your thread is exiting to form a picot, and continue through the next 3 mm and 15/0 (figure 2, a–b). Repeat this stitch two more times for a total of three picots (b–c), and then sew through the next B, 15/0, B, and three 15/0s to exit the center 15/0 in the second picot (figure 3). This completes one unit in the rivoli component, and you are now in position to start the next unit.

peyote cuff style bracelet 3
Figure 3
peyote cuff style bracelet 4
Figure 4

3. Pick up a B, a 150, a B, a 15/0, a C, a 15/0, and a C. Sew through the 15/0 your thread exited at the start of this step, and continue through the first B and 15/0 just picked up (figure 4). Work as in step 2 to add picots.

4. Repeat step 3 until you have a total of seven units, but for the last unit, do not add the picots.

For the rest of this project, please download the PDF here

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