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Two hearts pendant

 Create a reversible pendant with embellished right-angle weave

Two hearts pendant

This pendant is loaded with crystals on one side and pearls on the other. Start by sewing a heart-shaped base and add surface embellishment. Then, sew the wrong sides of the heart together and add bottom embellishment. Sew a peyote bail and wrap it around a necklace cord to complete the look.

In the instructions below, you’ll learn how to create the base for this pendant. To download the full instructions, download the free project PDF.


Designer’s note: You can make the bail permanent by stitching the end of the peyote strip to the top of the heart, then adding the small rondelles. 


 Two-sided pendant 2 x 2 in. (5 x 5 cm)

  • 10 x 11 mm crystal pendant
  • 6 mm crystal rondelle
  • 43 4 mm bicone crystals
  • 41 4 mm crystal pearls
  • 2 2 x 3 mm rondelles
  • 1 g 8/0 seed beads
  • 10 g 11/0 seed beads
  • 2 g 14/0 seed beads
  • Fireline 6 lb. test, or nylon beading thread conditioned with beeswax or Thread Heaven
  • beading needles, #12
  • clear plastic wrap or other fill material



Two hearts pendant Figure 1
figure 1


1.On 2 yd. (1.8 m) of Fireline or conditioned thread, center six 11/0 seed beads. Sew through the first four 11/0s again (Figure 1, a-b) to form a ring.


2. Pick up six 11/0s, sew through the two 11/0s your thread exited at the start of this step, and continue through the first four 11/0s just added (b-c). 


3. Repeat step 2, working five right-angle weave stitches, using six 11/0s per stitch (c-d).


4. Pick up four 11/0s, sew through the two 11/0s your thread exited at the start of this step, and continue through the four 11/0s just added (d-e).


5. Work the next row in right-angle weave, working off of the two bottom 11/0s of each stitch in the previous row, adding six 11/0s in the first stitch and four 11/0s in each remaining stitch, for a total of eight stitches (e-f).


6. Repeat step 5 (f-g).


7. Sew through the beadwork to exit the second-to-last stitch of the previous row (g-h). Work six stitches as in step 5 (h-i).

Two hearts pendant Figure 2
figure 2

8. Repeat step 7, but work only four stitches (i-j).


9. Work two stitches off the previous row (j-k), then work a single stitch off the two center beads (k-l). Do not end the thread.


10. Thread a needle on the tail, and work four stitches off the first row to complete the heart shape (Figure 2, a-b). Do not end the thread.


11. Repeat steps 1-10 to make a second base.


To download the full instructions for this project, click here.

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