Tso stitch flower bracelet

Make a pretty bracelet using a unique stitch

Tso stitch flower bracelet

Tso stitch – created by Hsiao-Hsuan “Eddy” Tso -- combines characteristics of peyote stitch and right-angle weave. Tso stitch creates sturdy, flexible beadwork that looks similar to cubic right-angle weave but works up faster. Master the basics of the stitch with this sweet bracelet, featuring crystal or pearl accent beads and seed beads.


In the instructions below, we’ll get you started on this project by detailing how to create the six-petal flower that serves as the focal point for this piece. To download complete instructions, click here. For a step-by-step tutorial on Tso stitch, click here



Bracelet 7 1/2 in. (19.1 cm

  • 10 mm crystal or pearl accent bead
  • 11/0 seed beads - 6-7 g color A (purple)- 3-4 g color B (green)
  • clasp
  • nylon beading thread, size D, or Fireline 6 lb. test
  • beading needles, #12



Six-petal flower


1. On a comfortable length of thread or Fireline, pick up four color A 11/0 seed beads, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Sew through the first A again to form a ring.


2. Pick up an A, skip an A, and sew through the next A. Repeat, and step up through the first A added in this round.

Tso stitch flower bracelet Photo a
Photo A
Tso stitch flower bracelet Photo b
Photo B

3. Working as in "Variation #1: Basic stitch,” repeat step 2 10 times to make a tube with seven beads on each of two opposing sides (these will be the front and back) and six beads on each of the other two sides. Exit at the end of a six-bead side (Photo A).

4. To begin the next row, work as in steps 2 and 3 of “Variation #1: Adding rows”: Pick up three As, and sew through the A your thread exited at the start of this step. Pick up an A, and sew through the second A just added, positioning the new bead at the end of the tube. Pick up an A, sew through the A your thread exited in the previous step, and continue through the first A added in this round (Photo B).

Tso stitch flower bracelet Photo c
Photo C
Tso stitch flower bracelet Photo d
Photo D

5. To work an increase off the end of the tube, work as in “Variation #1: Basic stitch” for two rounds to add a total of four beads (Photo C). Sew through the beadwork to exit the bottom of the row.

6. Continue stitching the row as in “Variation #1: Adding rows” until the new row has five beads on both the front and back sides and four beads on each of the other two sides (Photo D).

Tso stitch flower bracelet Photo e
Photo E
Tso stitch flower bracelet Photo f
Photo F

7. Exit the end bead on the new four-bead side. Work another row that is identical to the second row. Exit a bead between rows 2 and 3, and work as in “Fill-in stitch” to add three beads on each surface of the beadwork (Photo E). Note: For visibility, the fill-in beads are shown in purple. Exit the second bead from the top of the new four-bead side.

8. Add a row that has seven beads on both the front and back and six beads on each side. To connect row 4 to row 1, exit the end of the inner six-bead side, and sew through the inner end bead of row 1. Sew through the bead in row 4 again (Photo F), and continue through row 4 to exit the end bead of the outer six-bead row. The first petal is complete.

Tso stitch flower bracelet Photo g
Photo G

9. Work as in “Variation #1: Adding rows” to add a unit to each of the two bottom side beads. Continue the first row of the new petal as in “Variation #1: Basic stitch” until the front and back each have seven beads and the sides each have six beads.

10. Work as in steps 4-9 to make a total of six petals, ending and adding thread as needed. When you get to the bottom of the sixth petal, sew through the two bottom outer edge beads of row 1 instead of adding new beads.

11. To add the accent bead in the center of the flower, exit the bottom side bead between two petals. Pick up the 10 mm bead, and sew through the bottom side bead between the opposite two petals (Photo G). Retrace the thread path several times to secure the connection, and end the threads.

For full instructions, download the free project PDF.

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