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Sparkly spike crossweave bracelet

Goth and glamour unite in this fun and fashionable bracelet

Crystal pendants are often suspended from fringe or incorporated into flowers as petals. But in this easy crossweave design, they are nestled between two rows of bicone crystals, creating a glittering ring of spikes around your wrist.


Bracelet 7 1/2 in. (19.1 cm)

  • 8 10 x 6 mm crystal pendants
  • 90 4 mm bicone crystals
  • 81 3 mm bicone crystals
  • 2-3 g 15/0 seed beads
  • Clasp
  • 2 jump rings
  • 2 crimp beads
  • flexible beading wire, .010-.012
  • tape or Bead Stoppers
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • crimping pliers
  • wire cutters
Sparkly spike bracelet Photo a
Photo A
Sparkly spike bracelet Photo b
Photo B

[1] Cut two 1-yd. (.9 m) pieces of beading wire. Center a crimp bead over both wires, and crimp it. Separate the strands, creating a pair of wires on each side of the crimp (Photo A).

[2] Using the first pair of wires, string five 4 mm bicone crystals on each wire end. On one wire end, string a crystal pendant, and cross the other wire end through it (Photo B).

[3] Repeat step 2 until you reach your desired length, then string five 4 mms on each wire end. On one wire end, string a crimp bead, and cross the other wire through it, but do not crimp it. Temporarily secure the first pair of wires with tape or a Bead Stopper.

Sparkly spike bracelet Photo c
Photo C
Sparkly spike bracelet Photo d
Photo D

[4] On the second pair of wires, string a 15/0 seed bead, a 3 mm bicone crystal, a 15/0, a 3 mm, and a 15/0 on each wire end. On one wire end, string a 3 mm, and cross the other wire end through it (Photo C). On each wire end, string a 15/0, a 3 mm, a 15/0, a 3 mm, and a 15/0. Cross the ends through the next pendant (Photo D). 

[5] Repeat step 4 until you reach the last pendant. Repeat once more, but cross the ends through the crimp bead instead of a pendant.

[6] Snug up all the wires, and crimp the crimp bead. Trim the tails.

[7] Open a jump ring, attach half of the clasp and the loop of 4 mms and 3 mms next to a crimp bead (Photo E), and close the jump ring. Repeat on the remaining end.

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