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Ruffled bangle

Stitch a two-toned bangle bracelet with texture and personality

Whether you choose metal seed beads or colorful glass beads, the texture of this bracelet makes an eye-catching wrist adornment. Start with a base of right-angle weave, then build up thick ruffles in two-drop peyote.


Bangle with 2 1/2-in. (6.4 cm) diameter opening

  • seed beads
    • 2 g 8/0, color A
    • 7 g 11/0, color A
    • 3 g 11/0, color B
  • Fireline 10 lb. test
  • beading needles, #10 or #12
The initial strip of right-angle weave should fit around the widest part of your hand. If you need a longer initial strip, add an even number of stitches.
Ruffled bangle Photo a
Photo A
Ruffled bangle Photo b
Photo B

[1] On a comfortable length of Fireline, pick up four color A 11/0 seed beads, and, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail, sew through the beads again. Tie the tail and working thread together with a surgeon’s knot, and continue through the next two beads.

[2] Begin stitching in right-angle weave, picking up three A 11/0s per stitch until you have 67 beads along each edge.

[3] To form the beadwork into a ring, pick up an A 11/0, sew through the end A 11/0 of the first stitch, pick up an A 11/0, and sew through the A 11/0 your thread exited at the start of this step (Photo A). Make sure your strip isn’t twisted as you join the ends.

[4] Stitch two more rounds of right-angle weave using A 11/0s, ending and adding thread as needed.

[5] To join the edges, exit a top A 11/0 in the last round. Pick up an 8/0 seed bead, and sew through the corresponding bottom A 11/0 in the first round. Pick up an 8/0, and sew through the top A 11/0 again (Photo B). Continue stitching in right-angle weave, using 8/0s to join the edges of the beadwork.

Ruffled bangle Photo c
Photo C
Ruffled bangle Photo d
Photo D

[6] Exit an A 11/0 between two 8/0s. Pick up an A 11/0, and sew through the next A 11/0 (Photo C). Continue around the bracelet. Weave through the beadwork to the other side of the 8/0s, and repeat, pulling the beads snug. Twist the 8/0s to the inside of the bracelet, and repeat with the two outer rows of parallel A 11/0s. The new beads will sit slightly above the previous rounds, as in peyote stitch.

[7] Step up through a new A 11/0 in an outer round. Pick up two A 11/0s, and sew through the next new A 11/0 (Photo D ). Continue around the bracelet, and step up through the first two A 11/0s of the round. Continue working in two-drop peyote using A 11/0s for three rounds, then work two rounds of two-drop peyote using color B 11/0 seed beads.

[8] Repeat step 7 on the other outer round of A 11/0s. Secure the working thread and tail in the beadwork with a few half-hitch knots, and trim.

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