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Blue and gold crystal ring

Stitch up a ring in peyote and herringbone to make a ring fit for a queen

Crystal ring

Give a round crystal stone the royal treatment with this beautiful ring. Make a bezel for a crystal stone and set it in a ring. Embellish it with bicone crystals and Charlottes for extra sparkle and shine. Gold-tone cylinder beads bring out the sparkle in the focal crystal.


Below, you’ll find instructions on how to make the Dentelle bezel. For complete project instructions – including making the ring band and Y-connector, and assembling the ring – download the free PDF by clicking here.


The instructions are for a 14 mm stone. A 60ss stone is approximately the same size, but slightly larger. For a 60ss stone, leave extra space when tying the ring in step 1. The beadwork will be a little loose, but you can tighten the tension when adding the 15/0 seed beads and distribute the beads evenly around the bezel, adjusting the gaps to space them evenly.


Ring sizes 5-9

  • 14 mm round dentelle crystal stone (Bermuda blue, amber)*
  • 2 4 mm bicone crystals (dark indigo AB2X, crystal golden shadow)*
  • 22 3 mm bicone crystals (capri, crystal golden shadow)*
  • 2-3 g 11/0 cylinder beads (gold, silver-lined light gray)*
  • 2-3 g 13/0 Charlottes (gold, silver)*
  • 2-3 g 15/0 seed beads (blue, topaz)*
  • Fireline 6 lb. test
  • beading needles, #12

* The colors listed are for the blue ring and then the amber ring.



Dentelle bezel


1. On 2 yd. (1.8 m) of Fireline, pick up 36 11/0 cylinder beads, and tie them into a ring with a square knot, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Work in tubular peyote stitch to create a bezel for the stone following the same method as for a rivoli. Work three rounds of peyote stitch using cylinder beads for a total of five rounds, insert the stone, and work two rounds of 15/0 seed beads on each side of it. Do not end the working thread or tail.

Crystal ring Photo a
Photo A
Crystal ring Photo b
Photo B

2. To form a second layer of peyote stitch around the base of the bezel, sew through the beadwork to exit the bottom round of cylinders. Pick up a cylinder, and sew through the next cylinder in the round (Photo A). Using tubular peyote stitch, complete the round, and step up through the first cylinder added in this round. Work a second round of cylinders off the round just added, step up, and work a round using 15/0s. Pull the beads snug so the beadwork curves toward the back of the stone (Photo B).

Crystal ring Photo c
Photo C
Crystal ring Photo d
Photo D

3. Sew through the beadwork to exit a cylinder in the second round from the bottom of the outside layer. Pick up a 3 mm bicone crystal, and sew through the next cylinder in the second round from the top of the outside layer (Photo C). Pick up a 3 mm, and sew through the next cylinder in the second round from the bottom. Continue adding 3 mms, zigzagging through the second rounds from the top and bottom around the bezel to complete the round, and step up through the first 3 mm added.


4. Pick up three 13/0 Charlottes, and sew through the next 3 mm (Photo D) to form a picot. Repeat around the bezel to complete the round. End the thread.


For full instructions, download the free project PDF.

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