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Heart chain necklace

Stitch seed beads to make these sweet links

Heart chain necklace

Inspired by Russian beadwork, these sweet but simple hearts can be linked together to make a choker, longer necklace or bracelet. To achieve the heart shape, be sure to keep the thread tension taut so the skipped beads pop out.



  • 10g* Size 11/0 seed beads, color A
  • 5g* Size 11/0 seed beads, color B
  • 2 Bead tips
  • 1 Clasp
  • 1 Jump ring
  • Nymo D or Fireline fishing line, 4 or 6 lb. test
  • Beading needles, #12 or 13

*Measurements are for a choker necklace. A longer necklace requires more, a bracelet less.




1. Thread a needle with 4 yd. (3.6m) of thread. String a bead 3 in. (8cm) from the tail end. Tie the tail and working thread in a surgeon’s knot (see “Basics”) over the bead. Glue the knot and string a bead tip over the bead.  Trim the thread tail close to the bead.

Heart chain necklace Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 2

2. String 3 A beads, 2 B beads, and 3 A beads. Continue through the first 6 beads strung (Figure 1, a-b). Skip bead 7 and go through bead 8, pulling the thread taut so that bead 7 pops out, becoming a “point” bead. Skip bead 1 and go through the next 4 beads (b-c).


3. String 6 As and 1 B. Sew through bead last exited in step 2 and continue through the first bead strung in step 3 (Figure 2, a-b). Skip the second bead, pulling the thread taut, and sew through the third bead. Skip the fourth bead and sew through the next 2 beads (b-c).

Figure 3
Heart chain necklace Figure 4
Figure 4

4. String 3 A beads. Sew through the first bead loop as shown in figure 3 and continue through the beadwork, skipping point beads, to reach the 3 beads just added (Figure 3, a-b). Sew through the first bead added, skip the second and go through the third (b-c). The skipped bead becomes the heart’s bottom point.


5. Sew through the beadwork to exit the point bead on the heart’s right side (c-d).


6. To make the connecting diamond loop, string 3 Bs, 1 A, and 3 Bs. Sew through the last bead exited (Figure 4, a-b). Continue through the first bead strung, skip the second bead, sew through the next 3 beads, and skip the fourth (b-c). Continue around the loop, skipping the diamond’s bottom point bead, to exit the A bead just added (c-d).

Heart chain necklace Figure 5
Figure 5
Figure 6

7. Pick up 3 As, 2 Bs, and 2 As. Go back through the last bead exited to create a loop (Figure 5, a-b). Sew through the first bead added, skip the second, and continue through the third and fourth beads added (b-c).


8. Pick up 1 B and 6 As and go through the bead exited in step 7 to create a loop (Figure 6, a-b). Go through the first 3 beads added, skip the fourth, and go through the fifth. Skip the sixth and go through the seventh bead (b-c).

Heart chain necklace Figure 7
Figure 7
Figure 8

9. Sew through this heart’s first loop, skipping the point beads to exit as in Figure 7, a-b. Pick up 3 A beads and sew through the heart’s second loop, skipping point beads to reach the beads just added (b-c). Go through the first bead, skip the second, go through the third, and continue through the second loop to exit at the side point bead (c-d).


10. Pick up 3 Bs, 1 A, and 3 Bs and sew through the bead exited in step 9 (Figure 8, a-b). Go back through the first bead strung, skip the second, go through the third, fourth and the fifth, skip the sixth and go through seventh (b-c). Continue through the diamond loop, skipping the point bead to exit the A bead (c-d).


11. Continue the pattern in steps 2-11 to build a heart chain to the desired length.


12. To finish, string a bead tip and a seed bead. Sew back through the bead tip and through the last loop of bead work, tightening the thread so the bead nestles into the bead tip. Sew back through the bead tip and tie several half-hitch knots. Glue the knots and allow them to dry before trimming the thread. Close both bead tips and use roundnose pliers to attach each one to the clasp.


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