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Crystal lattice bracelet

Add lacy details to a simple weave

The beauty of this bracelet is in both the making and the wearing. Depending on the colors you choose it can be glitzy or subtly elegant. What’s less apparent is how simple it is to make — just a few repeated patterns and a basic clasp. Download the PDF instructions to find matching earrings that can be whipped up in only 10 minutes.



  • 73–90 4 mm bicone crystals
  • 3 6/0 seed beads (stopper beads)
  • 5 g 13/0 charlottes
  • beading thread, size D
  • toggle clasp
  • beading needle, size 10 or 12
  • scissors
  • thread conditioner (optional)



Crystal lattice bracelet 1
Step 1
Crystal lattice bracelet 2
Step 2

Bracelet foundation: 

1. Cut a 4-ft. (1.2 m) piece of thread. Thread a beading needle and, leaving a 7-in. (18 cm) tail, tie a 6/0 seed bead (the stopper bead) with an overhand knot. Alternate three charlottes and three bicone crystals.

2. Go back through the first and second charlotte/bicone pairs strung.

Crystal lattice bracelet 3
Step 3
Crystal lattice bracelet 4
Step 4
3. String: charlotte, bicone, charlotte, bicone, charlotte. Go back through the bicone the thread exited in step 2.

4. Tighten the thread to form a circle and go through the first and second charlotte/bicone pairs strung in step 3.
Crystal lattice bracelet 5
Step 5

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the strand is within 1 in. (2.5 cm) of the finished length. Add a stopper bead to secure the thread while you add the embellishment.

Crystal lattice bracelet 6
Embellishment: Step 1
Crystal lattice bracelet 7
Step 2


1a. Cut a 4-ft. (1.2 m) piece of thread. Thread a beading needle and, leaving a 7-in. (18 cm) tail, tie a 6/0 seed bead with an overhand knot. Go through the first foundation bicone.    

1b String five charlottes. Go back through the second charlotte strung. Tighten the thread to cluster the beads.


2. Go through the three adjacent charlottes in the foundation and the second charlotte strung in step 1b.    


Crystal lattice bracelet 8
Step 3
Crystal lattice bracelet 9
Step 4

3. String a charlotte and go through the adjacent bicone.

4. Repeat steps 1b through 8 until you reach the end of the strand. Go through the end bicone and charlotte. String 11 charlottes and half of a clasp. Tighten the thread and go through the beads a second time.


Crystal lattice bracelet 10
Step 5
Crystal lattice bracelet 11
Step 6

5. Repeat steps 1b through 3 on the other side of the foundation. Repeat step 4 to attach the other half of the clasp. 

6. Knot and trim the excess thread. Remove each stopper bead and re-thread a needle. Go through the adjacent bicone and charlottes. Tie an overhand knot before the next bicone. Go through that bicone and gently pull the knot into the bead. Trim the excess thread.


  • If you need to attach thread while making the bracelet, tie off the original thread as in step 10. With the new thread, follow the existing woven thread pattern for five or six beads and tie an overhand knot before going through a bicone. Go through another five or six beads before emerging where the original thread ended.
  • Use different color stopper beads to easily identify the foundation and embellishment threads when tying them off.

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