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Make sunglasses sparkle with help from Shipwreck Beads

Sponsored by Shipwreck Beads

The Bead&Button Show occurs right about the time when those of us at Shipwreck Beads, along with many others from the more northerly expanses of the world, are emerging from the long, dark and dreary months of winter.

Unaccustomed to the radiance of pure, unobscured sunlight, our eyes attempt to blink out the blindingly painful rays. As we frantically root through our overstuffed bags and center consoles, we exclaim to ourselves, “Darn it! Where the heck are my shades? I could’ve sworn I had at least six pairs! Ugh! Why does this always happen?” We all seem to find ourselves in the market for fast ’n fabulous sunglasses at the same time every year.

Three years running, Shipwreck Beads has teamed up with Swarovski at their Bead&Button booth to host our BLING SHADES demos. Our Sparkling Sunnies have always proven to be a big hit at the show. They’re simple, shiny, colorful, customizable, and all around a ton of fun to make and wear!

You’ll need plastic sunglasses, E6000, and an assortment of Swarovski flat backs. When selecting sunglasses, be sure to get wider frames with enough surface area for all those crystals. Already wearing prescription glasses? No worries- choose a pair that slip over the top of your eyeglasses! Too big? Heck no, they’re perfect for MORE BLING, because when it comes to Shipwreck’s Sparkling Sunnies, GO BLING OR GO HOME!


We’ve embellished this year’s demo shades with Vintaj Solid Brass. We loved how the bug and bloom charms and the lacy filigrees POPPED up the sparkle of these shades! Vintaj components are a tried and true favorite here at Shipwreck Beads; they’re so versatile and easy to design with. They can be incorporated into tons of styles and color pallets, plus many Vintaj pieces are malleable enough to be modified or reshaped for a broad range of applications.

We’d like to give our awesome friends over at Vintaj an extra special “Thank you!” for generously providing the brass components included in Shipwreck’s Sparkling Sunnies goodie bags!

Find a huge selection of Vintaj components, Swarovski Crystal, and more at or (800) 950-4232

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