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Ladder stitch: Making a ladder

Ladder stitch figure 1
Figure 1
Ladder stitch figure 2
Figure 2
Ladder stitch: Making a ladder, traditional method

1. Pick up two beads, and sew through them both again, positioning the beads side by side so that their holes are parallel (Figure 1, a–b).

2.  Add subsequent beads by picking up one bead, sewing through the previous bead, and then sewing through the new bead (b–c). Continue for the desired length ladder. This technique produces uneven tension, which you can correct by zigzagging back through the beads in the opposite direction (Figure 2).

Ladder stitch figure 3
Figure 3
Ladder stitch figure 4
Figure 4
Making a ladder, alternate method
Pick up all the beads you need to reach the length your pattern requires. Fold the last two beads so they are parallel, and sew back through the second-to-last bead in the same direction (Figure 3, a–b). Fold the next loose bead so it sits parallel to the previous bead in the ladder, and sew through the loose bead in the same direction (Figure 4, a–b). Continue sewing back through each bead until you exit the last bead of the ladder.
Ladder stitch figure 5
Figure 5
Making a ladder, crossweave method
Center a bead on the thread. Pick up a bead on one needle and cross the other needle through it (Figure 5, a–b and aa–bb). Add each subsequent bead in the same manner.
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