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Peyote stitch: Two-drop peyote

two and three drop peyote figure 1
Figure 1
Work two-drop peyote stitch the same way as basic flat peyote, but treat pairs of beads as if they were single beads.

To work in even-count two-drop peyote, pick up an even number of beads that is divisible by four (Figure 1). For odd-count two-drop peyote, pick up an even number of beads that is divisible by two and an odd number.
two and three drop peyote figure 2
Figure 2

2. To begin row 3, pick up two beads, skip the last two beads added in step 1, and sew back through the next two beads. Repeat this stitch across the row (Figure 2).

3. For subsequent rows, pick up and sew through two beads per stitch. Work each turn the same as in regular flat peyote, using the odd-count turn if you are working an odd-count pattern.


Yes, you can do three-drop peyote or four-drop or five-drop get the picture. If you want your piece to be even-count, make sure the total number of beads you pick up for the first two rows is divisible by two and the number of beads you want in each “drop.”

You can also mix counts in a piece, so you might have a row that has a stitch with one bead, a stitch with two beads, and a stitch with three beads. See what kinds of interesting patterns and textures you can create just by playing around with bead counts!

Reading a three-drop peyote pattern
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