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Peyote stitch: Flat even-count

BASICS_peyote flat even

Step 1: Pick up an even number of beads, leaving the desired length tail (Figure, a–b). These beads will shift to form the first two rows as the third row is added.

Step 2: To begin row 3, pick up a bead, skip the last bead added in the previous step, and sew back through the next bead, working toward the tail (Figure, b–c). For each stitch, pick up a bead, skip a bead in the previous row, and sew through the next bead until you reach the first bead picked up in step 1 (Figure, c–d). The beads added in this row are higher than the previous rows and are referred to as “up-beads.”

Step 3: For each stitch in subsequent rows, pick up a bead, and sew through the next up-bead in the previous row (Figure, d–e). To count peyote stitch rows, add the total number of beads along both straight edges.

Is your beadwork twisty and loose after working row 3? Not to worry! Simply pull the working thread taut, pressing your thumbnail against the end bead to get the rows to straighten out.
Tips for getting started

If you’re struggling with the first few rows, try one of these three methods:

1. After stringing the beads for rows 1 and 2, pinch the beads between your thumb and forefinger. Pick up the first bead for row 3, skip the end bead, and sew back through the previous bead (Photo a). Continue holding the beads in place as you complete the row (Photo b).

2. If the pinch method doesn’t work for you, try passing a wire, pin, or needle through every other bead on the first strand (Photo c). This creates the peyote arrangement, making it easier for you to see which beads to sew through in the next row.

3. Another option is to use a Quick Start Peyote card. These durable, laminated cards have openings to hold the beads in row 1, turning them into up-beads from the start (Photo d). This makes it a cinch to add subsequent rows. Get them at

Flat even-count peyote stitch tutorial
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