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Loomwork: Warping the loom

Tie the end of a spool of thread to a screw or a hook at one end of the loom.

Guide the thread between two coils of the spring and across to the other end of the loom. Guide the thread between the corresponding coils of the opposite spring, and wrap it around the screw or hook at this end. Go back over the spring, placing the thread in the next coil. Cross over to the first end of the loom, placing the thread in the corresponding coil, and wrap it around the screw or hook.

If you are using beads that are larger than 11/0 seed beads, you may want to skip one or more coils between warp threads.

Continue wrapping the thread between coils, keeping the thread a bead’s width apart (see figure above), until you have one more warp thread than the number of beads in the width of the pattern. Keep the tension even, but not too tight. Tie the last warp thread to a hook or screw on the loom, then cut the thread from the spool.
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