Top 10 reasons to use Aussie Metal Clay


One of my highlights from the 2018 Bead&Button Show was testing Aussie Metal Clay. 

I had the pleasure of attending “Mixing Color with Metal Clay” taught by Martha and Ed Biggar. In the class, we worked with six of the different Aussie clays, emphasizing experimentation, not creating finished projects. The great thing about mixing Aussie Metal Clay is that the different base metals fire at the same temperature. That allows you to combine coppers with bronze, end even blend the material without blistering.


Appealing properties of this clay:

  1. Easy to mix from powder form
  2. Hands stay clean as the clay is not sticky
  3. Relatively long working time
  4. Rolls easily and takes textures well
  5. Can be sculpted
  6. Can add water to dehydrate
  7. Like other clays, it can be fired with embedded CZs
  8. After brushing, it takes on a high shine
  9. Can be fired in both the brick and the muffle kilns
  10. Great support is available through video tutorials and an invite-required Facebook group. Plus Skype support!

If you've worked with other metal clays, you should have no problem getting started with Aussie Metal Clay. But if you need some additional resources, here are few that could be a great help:


The manufacturer's website, Aussie Metal Clay. 


Aussie Metal Clay's YouTube channel has several helpful instructional videos. 


Ed and Martha Biggar teach this metal clay class at many different locations. Learn more about them and their class schedule on their Facebook page!

Martha and Ed Biggar
Martha and Ed Bigger (photo by Diane Jolie)
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