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Flag grommet bracelet

Practice simple knotting techniques in this patriotic scouting project

When my son came home from Boy Scout camp earlier this month, his Scoutmaster called all of the boys to gather around to receive a special souvenir from their camp weekend. He carefully pulled a Ziploc bag from his pocket that contained several flag grommets. The boys had participated in a flag retirement ceremony during the weekend.

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are among the few organizations that conduct proper flag retirement ceremonies. The flags are burned, usually over a campfire, during a respectful and solemn event that shows reverence to the flag in some manner. While the flags are turned to ashes, the grommets remain.

He gave each one of the boys who participated in the ceremony a flag grommet from the flags that were retired that weekend. He told the boys that they should treat them with respect and when they hold them reflect on the importance of honoring their country.

I was touched by his thoughtful words. So, I did a little more research on the subject and read that some people say the flag grommets can be worn for good luck, too.

I wanted to do something with the grommet, so that it didn’t simply sit in a box on a shelf somewhere. So, I created this simple project for scouts to upcycle the flag grommets into a bracelet. Not only will they get to create a keepsake of the ceremony, but they also have the opportunity to practice their simple knotting skills. This easy scout project is perfect for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of all levels.

Macrame larks head
Lark's head knot
BASICS_KNOT_overhand knot
Overhand knot


  • 1 flag grommet
  • Brown or black leather cord


1. Determine the size of the bracelet by measuring the wrist. Cut the cord to twice the length of the wrist plus an additional 2-3 inches for knotting.

2. Shine up the flag grommet or leave patina from the fire for a little extra character.

3. Fold the leather cord in half. Put it through the flag grommet to create a lark’s head knot.

4. Take the other end of the cord and pull it through the flag grommet. Tie an overhand knot using both cord ends. The overhand knot serves as a clasp.

5. Trim any extra cord.

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