Winners of the October 2019 Design Challenge

Discover who the winners are this month! And get a sneak peek at next month’s Design Challenge. 


In October we asked our readership to send jewelry submissions inspired by AUTUMN COLORS. The trees around us turned from green to amber, and the entries followed suit with deep browns, rich yellows, and a broad variety of orange hues. There were so many engaging autumn-themed submissions, but we were limited to only four winners. The Facet readers had a chance to vote for one READER’S CHOICE AWARD, while the Facet/Bead&Button editorial staff voted for our three favorite pieces.


Thanks so much to all who participated, we appreciate your hard work and creativity. We can't wait to see what you send us next month!  Until then, here are the October 2019 Facet Design Challenge winners!



Our READER’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER for October is Delia Cepoi of Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Congratulations to Delia for submitting this asymmetric necklace, which incorporates seed beads and a myriad of shaped beads, cabs, and stones. Delia tells us that her quirky creation is reminiscent of a miniature world bursting with golden shades and various textures. “Imagine yourself taking a peaceful walk in my Downtown, stop by the art gallery and nourish your soul or nostalgically admire the fall tones while warming your hands from the coffee cup.” 


Find more from Delia on Facebook or Etsy.


California Autumn

Congratulations to Laura Silverman Splaver of Los Angeles, CA, for submitting her necklace within minutes of the deadline. Laura tells us: “In Los Angeles, we measure when Autumn begins by the appearance of the Santa Ana winds. They are hot and fierce, drying the leaves and grasses to a multitude of crispy brown tones quickly. Then Fire Season is upon us. The fires can be tragic, but there is a beauty to them as well. A good portion of the native plants here can only regenerate themselves after being burned. The heat of the fires opens up their pods to release their seeds and a new generation of flora can be born. This piece pays homage to what fuels our fires as well as the curls of smoke lifting into our skies. Fire is problematic to the people of our zone because we make our homes in areas of high fire risk.” 


To conclude, she tells us: “I think I must have been tempting fate with this necklace. The Saddle Ridge Fire came about 500 feet from where we live! But we survived to burn another day.” Well done, Laura! We are glad you were safe. And special thanks for your efforts to rescue hoofed animals endangered by the autumn fires.


See more from the artist on Facebook and her website.


Autumn Fairy

Our next winner sent an exquisite necklace. Congrats to Gabriella Jasz. The striking work incorporates both soutache and bead embroidery techniques. Gabriella was inspired by nature and the autumn colors to create the vibrant necklace.


Kudos on the wonderful piece of jewelry!


[We are hoping to post contact info from Gabriella in the near future.]


Eastlake Sunset Necklace

Our final winner for October is Mary Meier from the great state of Texas. “The inspiration for this necklace came from my love of antique hardware. The isolated section of an old transom created this delightful texture, set with a large, deep golden amber cabachon.” Now that we have the song “Deep in the heart of Texas” going through our heads, we applaud you, Mary!


See more of her projects online at Redneck Feng Shui, which links you to a variety of her fabulous sites.


Congratulations to all of our winners! We are so thrilled each month to see the creative designs that our readers share with us. 


Come join in the fun! There is still time to enter the next Design Challenge, PATTERNSSubmissions will close for this challenge on the last day of the month.  


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