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Winners of the November-December Challenge


All that glitters is not necessarily gold!

One of the seven sacred metals of antiquity, silver has been cherished for thousands of years. Other than gold, few metals can measure up to this reflective stunner.

For the November & December 2019 Facet Design Challenge, we asked our readership to reflect on your memories with the Bead&Button magazine, currently celebrating its 25th anniversary!

Shall we see what color our readership chose for their "silver lining"? Argentium, zinc, nickel silver, or tin? Shades of stormy grey or misty clouds? Beadwork, actual silver, silver wire, silver-colored clay, resin, and so many other artistic interpretations were sent our way! Let's check out the pieces than won the SPARKLING SILVER Challenge!  


FANTASIA IN SILVER was chosen by our readership as their very favorite! Designer Susan Cologne of Richmond, Virginia, is a multiple winner of our Design Challenges, and we're so pleased to extend her this honor once again!

She tells us this about her silver piece:

The focal piece is a gorgeous rhinestone pave silver lily brooch that has been repurposed into the central piece and clasp of this beauty. The base is a silver woven wire band cold-soldered to the lily.

It is then wrapped with a braid of three wires; two plain wires and one wire threaded with vintage, silver-lined crystal seed beads. That is also cold soldered to the lily. There is then another completely wound strand that starts with a multifaceted Swarovski crystal at the stamen of the lily, and then coils around it and continues to loosely wrap all the way around to the other side.

THEN I took silver bullion thread, pulled out the thread, and re-threaded a fine wire back into it. I then coiled, curled, and wrapped it around both ends of the piece. The tendrils are made from the ends of all the wires used in the neckpiece, and are woven or wrapped or strung with the silver-lined crystal seed beads. There about two dozen multifaceted Swarovski crystal rondelles in three different sizes that stud the piece throughout.

Want to learn more about Susan? Check out this interview that we did with her back when she won the SOLSTICE Design Challenge in 2017, or check out her Facebook page for up-to-date looks at her work! 


COCKTAIL NECKLACE is our next winner, designed by Michelle Smith of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. She makes her jewelry under the name My Belle Creations!

We loved this wonderfully-quirky piece made from an unexpected material. This stunning necklace is actually made from plastic cocktail forks!

Each fork was cut, heated, bent, and drilled, and was then hand-stitched to a Kumihimo braided base. The necklace is finished off using Swarovski pearls and crystals.

Michelle tells us, "This Sparkling Silver will never tarnish, thus staying sparkling forever!"


Susan Calhoun of Prescott, Arizona, brought us this delightful necklace, that she calls her WINTER CAT PENDANT.

The glass cabochon featuring the cozy kitties is bead-embroidered on a silver and gold background. The bezel is stitched in peyote, and features Swarovski pearls. She made the rope that the pendant hangs from in cellini stitch, using pearls and chain.

Susan's jewelry is available on Etsy, under the name SLCbeads. She's got some lovely beadwork in ombre and gradient color palettes that are simply stunning!





WINTER WONDERLAND comes to us by way of Parkham, Devon, England. Designer Rosie Edridge tells us this about her piece, and her unending love of silver: 

I fell in love with silver when I was a bridesmaid for my cousin at the age of six, and was given a bracelet made with silver sixpences!

I love how silver sparkles and reflects the sunlight, shining its brilliance all over the world. I started with the technique of foldforming, where I annealed the silver, folded it, hammered the folds gently, opened it, and repeated this until I liked the shape of the fold.

I then used tiny hammers to texture the upper part so that it captures the light and really sparkles. I decided to compliment the top with a mirror finish on the bottom and WOW!! It has brought the whole piece to life, glinting in the light and spreading rays of sunshine everywhere. 

See more of Rosie's work on Facebook where she promotes her business, Lillyford Mill Art Jewellery. It's glorious! 

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Want to join in the fun? The current Facet Design Challenge, THE TROPICS, started on January 1, and you can submit a photo until January 31, 2019!

This month, take a vacation from the swirl of winter frost and chill. Awaken your senses instead to a tropical paradise. Open your eyes to a flurry of hot pinks, scorching reds, and deep purples from orchids, bougainvillea, and water lilies; the bright orange beak of a toucan, the gray leather of an elephant, and the flash of color from a parrot’s wingspan. 

Feel the moisture on your skin after a downpour. Breathe in the smell of budding vegetation and blooming flowers. Listen to the stillness of tall trees, the flutter of a hummingbird’s wings, and the caw of a bird flying overhead. And taste the bright acidity of an orange or the sweetness of a coconut. 

In January, we want you to embrace your tropical side. Be bold with your color palette and soft with your textures. Be sultry and saucy with your designs, and allow them to come to life. Tropical colors, glossy stones, silky fabric, and textured creations, we want to see it all!


Tropics long

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