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Announcing the winners!

See the six pieces of jewelry that took home the prize in the September 2018 Facet Design Challenge!
CircleSquare hero

Everywhere we look these days, there seems to be clean lines and symmetry in jewelry. For the September 2018 Facet Design Challenge, we asked our readers to make circles, squares, and rectangles the centerpiece of their jewelry designs.

The submissions that we received show that our readers looked to architecture, modern art, mandalas, or even math textbooks for their inspiration. Read on to see the winners, and then go and get out your Spirograph or feel out some fractals to use in your own work. 

RC Brown Penny Thoughts
A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, designed by Roxanne Brown.

Our READER'S CHOICE AWARD WINNER for September is Roxanne Brown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Roxanne is no stranger to the Facet Design Challenge, having won twice before: in February 2018 for our PRETTY IN PINK Challenge and in July 2017 for the BLING IT UP Challenge. We profiled Roxanne's jewelry making last fall; read here to learn more about her!

Roxanne tells us this about her entry to CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE. 

Canada deleted the penny from its currency in 2013 so in honor of this now defunct coinage I made this pair of cufflinks as a gift for my Brother.

The pennies were dapped with one head and one tail facing upright. The frames are hand cut from sterling silver and were first stamped on the back side with the phrase "A Penny For Your Thoughts." The cufflink backs were then soldered onto the frames after which the dapped pennies were set into place. Finally the cufflinks were tumbled to give them a high shine. Over time the pennies will develop a natural patina. 

You can find more Roxanne Brown Jewellery designs on her Facebook page!

Reed Autumn Splendor
AUTUMN SPLENDOR, designed by Judy Ball Reed

Our next winner is Judy Ball Reed from Fountain Hills, Arizona. 

The color choices in her piece, Autumn Splendor, were driven by the central cabochon. The cabochon comes from Calmwater Designs.

A variety of other materials were used, including porcelain cabochons, Swarovski rivolis and pearls, and seed beads.

The techniques include bead embroidery and bead weaving.

Stunning work!





Lopez Red Clutch

Our next winner sent us this stunning piece that isn't exactly jewelry, but we just couldn't resist it! Call it wearable jewelry! Diana Lopez sent us this photo all the way from Florence, Italy. 

She tells us this about her work:  

Lady on Red Clutch was born [from my] thinking about making an elegant decoration [for] a simple rectangular clutch. A circle sparkling element was enriched with square and round Swarovski crystals, wrapped with sinuous forms that [developed] from soutache braid movement. Made from soutache and embroidery, using square and rivoli Swarovski crystals, scarlet and light silk colors, gold soutache braid, 15/0 and 11/0 gold rocailles, and Strass chain. 

If you'd like to learn more about Diana or her design business, di.handmade.jewels, check out her Facebook page!

Blum Compass Rose

Mary Blum hails from Corte Madera, California, up north from the San Francisco area, and she is our next winner!

Her earrings are hand-fabricated from 1mm reclaimed fine silver wire. She works quite a bit in silver and also in argentium silver, fine silver, 14/20 gold-fill, 22 karat gold over sterling silver vermeil, 14 karat white and yellow gold, and 18 karat white and yellow gold. She also incorporates pearls into her work. 

I learned from her Etsy page that as a little girl, she just knew that she would grow up to be an archaeologist. Instead, in college, she was captured by ancient languages and cultures. She now teaches classical Latin, and creates jewelry inspired by the past. Check it out!

Siering Stacked Patterns

Also working in silver is the next Design Challenge victor, Susan Siering of Los Angeles, California. 

Her lovely necklace is made from layers of sterling silver that have been textured with various contrasting patterns created by roller printing, etching and casting. The layers are shaped, stacked and tube riveted through the center.

Her jewelry business is called 1WorldCreations, and she makes and sells work influenced by Susan's African American and Caribbean background, as well as by an interest in natural and architectural forms, and the aesthetics of art nouveau. Her Etsy store has many versions of this stacked metal design available, be sure to check them out!

Coffelt Lantern Earrings

These delightful silver metal clay lanterns feature oval cut-outs and dangling round freshwater pearls, and are the final winner of the September Design Challenge!

These gems were created by Roxanne Coffelt of Warsaw, Indiana. Roxanne also sells her jewelry on Etsy, under her business name, Shanghai Tai, and her work has a strong Asian influence. That makes sense, since she spent time living there!

Congratulations to all of our winners! We are so thrilled each month to see the creative designs that our readers share with us. 

These geometric shapes from the September challenge provided us with some truly stunning jewelry, but for October, we are looking to get a little softer. Come join in the fun! There is still time to join the next Design Challenge, DIAMONDS AND TEARDROPS.

Take your inspiration from raindrops falling on your head or from stones that are a girl’s best friend, or from the shapes that they represent. Teardrops are a very common shape for both beads and cabochons, and for classically-styled earrings. A diamond may glitter, but it is also the common geometric shape suitable for use in thousands of designs! Whether you use precious gems or delicate jewels, or merely incorporate the geometric shapes into your patterns and designs, diamonds and teardrops are your call to jewelry-making action for this month’s Facet Design Challenge! 

You can enter DIAMONDS AND TEARDROPS until October 31, 2018. Submit a photo of your work, the materials that you used, and a brief description of how your piece fits the theme. At the conclusion of the contest, the Facet editorial staff will vote, and our favorite pieces will be announced. Even if you aren't ready to submit, you can still participate! Be sure to vote for the Reader's Choice Award, too. You have until Sunday, November 1, to choose your favorite!

Diamonds long

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