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Celebrate International Beading Week 2018

It's that time of year again and how else could we possibly celebrate than getting together with our beloved beading buds? 
H Kinsley Heath Beady Peeps

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to beading. Each beadworker has a style and taste all their own. And for one whole week - during International Beading Week, July 28th to August 5th - beadworkers across the globe unite to celebrate one passion: beads.

Previously referred to as National Beading Week, this week has grown into a worldwide event of massive beading proportions over the years, making its new accolade of International Beading Week that much more appropriate!

While International Beading Week is sponsored by UK-based The Beadworkers Guild, the goal of this week is to view beading in a global mindset and bring beaders together. Whether you're at the beginner's level or a pro in the workshop, International Beading Week pays tribute to the passion that is at the heart of the beading community.  

For those of us who don't know much about beading, International Beading Week presents an opportunity to learn more about beading and participate in beading in local areas, as well as support local beading shops and traders - because the craft wouldn't get very far without those who source our quality supplies!


Other than doing some research on your own on beading in your local area, here are some additional ways you can celebrate throughout this week: 

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  • Maybe you were inspired by a piece of jewelry you purchased from a store, or maybe you have a friend that is into beading. And while you're excited at the prospect of beginning beading, perhaps you're not ready to dive right into it with fellow beadworkers just yet. Take some time to familiarize yourself with some common beading termspeyote stitchright angle weaveherringbone stitch, and the different stitches associated with bead embroidery, to name a few. The International Beading Week website also has a ton of great resources to read up on as well!

  • If you're already a beadworker but you typically practice your craft solo, consider sharing your love for beading with friends and family! Organize a beading get-together - if nothing else, this is a great excuse for a potluck :). 

  • In addition to spreading the beading love and knowledge with others, try orchestrating a Bead Bombing! Add some pizzaz and color to your neighborhood by decorating bus stops, benches, neighborhood parks, and trees with handmade creations. If you're stumped on what patterns to whip up, take a look at all of the free patterns offered on the International Beading Week website. Some amazing beading talents, including Patty McCourt, Sandra Scholte, Heather Kingsley-Heath, Erika Sandor, Justine Gage, and so many others have donated free project patterns this year.  Get inspired and inspire others with your beaded accessories around town! 

  • Love the idea of getting together with fellow beaders but all of your beading cohorts live elsewhere? Organize a "Round Robin" challenge! Each member of the challenge has to add on something new to a beaded item - once one person finishes their addition, they send it on to the next individual, who adds something of their own, until it reaches the final person. Think the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, beading style. 

  • Like all independent businesses, it's important to recognize the beading shops and traders who continually strive to provide only the finest and highest quality beading supplies and tools. Take some time this week to stop by and let them know how much you appreciate them. Whether it's a handwritten note, a box of cookies, or a beaded memento, International Beading Week is about all who help beading remain the lively and bustling craft that it is! 

In addition to the above suggestions, the International Beading Week website is brimming with resources, ideas for inspiration, free goodies, and if you happen to be reading this from the UK, all sorts of beading meet-ups! Keep on beading on!

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