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Making your own displays

A few simple ideas for creating unique, low-cost fixtures to display your jewelry


At some point in your beading endeavors, you are going to have so much jewelry that you realize you cannot wear it all. So you start making gifts for friends, family, and acquaintances. If you are a beading aficionado, you will soon realize that you have to start selling if you are going to continue beading! It doesn’t take long. And next thing you know, you actually want to sell.

And selling means finding venues, discovering what you need for a great display, and experiencing sticker shock at the price of formal displays. You’ve seen others using different things at craft fairs, and a conversation with the booth owner can give you some ideas.

But you want displays tailored to what your business is all about. If you do organic jewelry, displaying it on a wood display works well. If you create fine jewelry, you need something a bit upscale. So what can you do?

One thing that I did was to use a picture frame that had a piece of cross-stitch fabric backing cut to size. I hung earrings through the wide weave of the fabric, and put a sign on it with the price of the earrings. This simple display has done service for several years.

For necklaces, here’s an idea: take a wooden clothes hanger, and screw in hooks all along the bottom. You can decorate the wood, and then hang a dozen necklaces from it. This is a great focal piece that is easily portable, as well.

When I needed a something that could display rings or bracelets, I had an idea for casting a hand out of plaster of Paris. I found an online tutorial and was pleased with how easy it was to make.

With rings on the fingers, and a bracelet dangling between the thumb and index finger, your display will attract more attention.

If you have a special pair of earrings you want to highlight, you can make cute displays out of cardstock displays. Die-cutting the holes you will need is easy: there are tools made especially for that. These are hole punches similar to those used in paper crafting and scrapbooking, and they can usually be found at a chain craft store like Michaels, Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. Plenty of online merchants should carry them as well. 

These tools can be used with meme cards or business cards, and you can follow this simple folding technique or create one of your own! With some cardstock and printer, you can design earring displays that are distinctly “you.” Not only have you made something that will help you brand your work, you are saving money!

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