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Winners of the July Design Challenge

A curve that emanates from a point, moving farther away as it revolves around the point. Wikipedia goes on to define a spiral in very mathematical terms involving helixes and vortexes, but geometry can only take us so far. You can spiral out of control.  You can travel up a spiral staircase to a mysterious destination. You can watch the seed of a maple tree as it spirals gently to the ground. You can gaze into the night sky at a spiral galaxy, like our own Milky Way. 

The editors of Facet are pleased to award the winners of the Spiral Design Challenge to the following entries!
716_Metals Winner2_1200x628
The winner in the Metal, Wire, Clay & Resin category is THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE, a two-sided pendant submitted by Facet user KRÓFKA Majka. 

This small pendant is made with hammered and oxidized 925 silver. The silver wires on the both sides are compatible with spiral symbol from the old ammonite. The words "Always look on the bright side of life" are stamped on the back. 
716_stringing Winner1_1200x628

The winner of the Stringing, Fiber & Cord category also used natural elements in her piece, ETERNITY. Cathy Frankie-Hatch of BOLD by Kattour submitted this piece, with the following description: 

"The allure of the spiral shell is that it always appears fresh, summery and joyful! This necklace embodies the spiral shell in a bold and embrazened manner! It's light and airy, feeling like summer itself, and reminding the wearer that just as the sprial shell can go on for eternity, so too can she. Walking blissfully along the ocean, light breezes blowing through her hair."

See more of her work at . 

716_Stitching Winner3_1200x628
The lovely piece taking the prize in the Stitching category is SPIRAL TUBE NECKLACE by Suzanne Stimac. Find Suzanne on Instagram under the name Garnet Gal.

This spiral tube necklace uses the peyote spiral technique. The tube develops over time with different sizes and shapes of beads. The front and center cube is done with cubic right angle weave, and it is attached with wire and chain to hold the tubes. The metal colors and magnetic clasp are details that help this necklace match any outfit.
We're thrilled to have to many people participating in our monthly Design Challenges, and hope that you'll join in the fun with our August theme, HARMONY. 

It’s always a delight when a project turns out in a consistent, pleasing way. Our beads and components and cord and metalwork suddenly come together in a HARMONIOUS arrangement! It is pleasing to the eye in the way that music is pleasing to the ear. And yet there is structure, accord – an agreement in the way that the various elements blend together. That’s what we are looking for in this month’s Challenge.

Show us the HARMONY in your jewelry-making! We invite all beaders, metalsmiths, clay artists and other makers to interpret this theme in their own way and produce a work as creative as it is beautiful.  Submit your entries here!

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