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Winners of the inaugural Facet Design Challenge!


We are pleased to announce the winners of our inaugural Facet Design Challenge! We invited our readers and makers to create or share a work of jewelry in keeping with our June 2016 theme, FOLDS.

Fold: how many ways can this word be defined? To lay one part over another; to create a line or a crease; to clasp together, as in the folding of hands. To incorporate into a mixture. To make a covering, a wrap or a soft, gentle draping. To concede, by throwing in your cards. We couldn't wait to see how jewelry makers, beaders, metalsmiths, clay artists and more interpreted this theme in their own way and produce a work as creative as it is beautiful.


The winner of our Stitching category is the piece LIBERTY, submitted by Facet user Lumyomat.

Lumyomat describes LIBERTY this way: "This is a contemporary geometric beadwork bracelet made with Myiuki Delica. The inspiration behind this bracelet is the Statue of Liberty and more particularly her crown and draping toga. The colors I used, blue for the endless sky, yellow for the natural richness of the land and red for the human sacrifice for freedom."

The judges felt that this piece really highlights the versatility of peyote stitch. The dimension of the folds and points creates an exciting and dynamic design, which is supported by the artist's bold color choices. Furthermore, the artist states that the piece was inspired by the Statue of Liberty, which is symbolic of folding diverse peoples into our community at large. 


The winner of our Metal, Wire, Clays & Resins category is this DRAPED RING, submitted by Facet user Silver Sculptor, real name Joanne Simmons of Jersey City, NJ.

Joanne describes her DRAPED RING this way: "This draped ring was one of the first things I made using Precious Metal Clay. The texture and dimension of this ring is like draped soft fabric, each fold is crafted at different angles and it would be impossible to make two rings the same unless they were cast. I used square PMC+ Sheet which I draped around a fine silver ring shank."

Rings are a very tricky thing to make with PMC because of the percentage that the clay shrinks during firing, and different clays shrink at different rates! The "Folds" on this piece are just lovely, capturing the illusion of softness, like fabric, with the strength and inner glow of fine silver.  

If you'd like to see more of Joanne's work, it can be found on Etsy at She also has a website exclusively dedicated to handprint jewelry made from PMC: We'll have a question-and-answer article with Joanne on this site next week, come back and check it out!

Shibori buttons

The winner of our Stringing, Fiber & Cord category is SHIBORI BUTTONS, submitted by Facet user Susan Sassoon. Susan describes her SHIBORI BUTTONS this way:

"Shibori ribbon has beautiful folds and this necklace shows off all of the folds in long silky mulitcolored segments, enhanced by buttons, a lunasoft cabochon and some Czech glass beads."

One of the things we found most striking about this piece was the color palette. The muted rainbow folds of the fabric and the lovely glimmer of the buttons and the glass combined in such a soft and appealing way. We love to see ribbon in jewelry!


Inspired? Come and join the July Design Challenge and share your work with our readers! The theme for July is SPIRAL. 

Spiral: a curve that emanates from a point, moving farther away as it revolves around the point. Wikipedia goes on to define a spiral in very mathematical terms involving helixes and vortexes, but geometry can only take us so far. You can spiral out of control.  You can travel up a spiral staircase to a mysterious destination. You can watch the seed of a maple tree as it spirals gently to the ground. You can gaze into the night sky at a spiral galaxy, like our own Milky Way.

The question is, how will you interpret this word in your jewelry-making? Interpret this theme in your own way and produce a work as creative as it is beautiful.

Any time between now and July 27, submit a photo of your work and a brief description of how your piece fits the theme. You can submit by clicking here!

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