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How to make European 4-in-1 chain mail

The European 4-in-1 is one of the most widely used chain mail weaves and is the basis for a number of others. It makes a flat strip of chain mail in which each of the rings (except for the ones on the edges) goes through a total of four rings. This weave can be made into wider strips or sheets.   


Bracelet-length chain

  • 18-gauge (1.0 mm) 5 mm inside-diameter (ID) jump rings in 3 colors
    • 60 color A
    • 15 color B
    • 14 color C


European 1
1. Close all the color A jump rings, and open all the color B and color C rings.

2. Slide an open B through four closed As, and close the B. This creates a 4-in-1 segment. Place it on your work surface with the B angled up and to the right. If you’re left-handed, you’ll want to position your 4-in-1 segments with the B angled up and to the left.
European 2
3. Slide an open C through the right-hand As on the segment you just made, going down through the first ring and up through the second. 

Slide two closed As onto the C, and close the C. Position the two new As so they line up with the other As, and position the C just like the B in the previous segment.
European 3
European 4

4. Repeat step 3, substituting a B for the C.  

5. Continue repeating step 3, alternating Bs and Cs, until you reach the desired length.

If you wish to make a wider bracelet, start by making two identical strips as in steps 1–-5. Line then up side by side, making sure the Bs and Cs running down the center of the strips are angling the same way. To connect the strips, slide an open C down through the two end inner-edge rings on one strip, come up through the corresponding inner-edge rings on the other strip, and close the C.

European 5
Repeat this process, but move down the strips by one ring and use a B this time. Continue this process, alternating Bs and Cs, until the strips are completely joined.
European 6
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